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  • 12 July 2019
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Hey new users & welcome to the Boost Forum 😃

This forum is designed for you, the customer, so that you can share your experiences, questions and offer advice to others, as well as having a good ol natter.

We of course have moderators here on hand to help at anytime, as well as volunteers, so this online forum saves you having to call the Customer Care team, letting you get your question answered quickly!

Firstly, we’d love to know why you signed up to the Forum, and what you’re looking to gain from it. Perhaps you’d like to share your journey with Boost, you have questions about us, and how we work? Or something about your new smart meter, PAYG+ feature or In Home Display? Maybe you’ve heard a lot about us and you’re looking to join the Boost family? Whatever the reason it’s great to have you on board & we want to know more about you!

We’d recommend completing your profile, uploading a profile picture so our fellow users and moderators know who they’re talking too. You can check out our super users and add a little intro about yourself here.

Like any online forum we do have some guidelines/rules that we ask everybody to adhere too, which you can find a fabulous link too here.

Navigating your way around the Forum

To make it easy and simple, we’ve categorized the content into sections.
Select ‘Menu’ on the left hand side with the drop down, you’ll find a list of categories.


You can create and edit any of your topics, comments or questions you’ve posted with our handy How to guides too!

I’ve included some of our main and more recent go to topics and questions that customers are looking to find the answers too.

Smart PAYG+ All Online Topics


Smart PAYG Standard


Switching to Boost


We hope you enjoy our Forum, and we can't wait to speak with you all and get to know you 🙂


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