Not Received welcome pack it's been a month now

  • 30 January 2022
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I just found out a month ago when I tried to phone Scottish Power about applying for the warm home discount who I thought I was with that I was now moved to Boost Energy two years ago this was done without my permission, I had no letter or nothing, this in itself is fraud. I decided to give Boost the benefit of the doubt and was told I’d receive a welcome pack within five days, I never so phoned up again and was told I’d get it in a month and the applications for the warm home discount will still be open in February by the time I got my welcome pack. Well it’s been a month now NO welcome pack STILL and now NOW the warm home discount applications are closed when I was told they wouldn’t be. I rely on this money as I’m vulnerable and now I’m £140 out of pocket because you couldn’t send me a welcome pack with my account number on it so I could apply.


So my question to you is where is my welcome pack with my account number? I’ve phone customer service eight times now and got different answers each time so I’m not phoning again. If I can’t get a answer here it will be getting taken straight to the ombudsman as this is fraud and you’re keeping money which I’m entitled to from me because you didn’t bother to send out a welcome pack. I have every conversation I’ve had with your customer service team recorded and written down ready to take to the ombudsman. I want this sorted now

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Hi @KarenRennie and thanks for sharing the latest with this here. 


I don’t have access to your account so the advice I’ll be giving will be broad.


If you didn’t request a switch to Boost, but your address was switched, it might be part of an ‘erroneous transfer’ (ET), which is effectively when someone (usually a neighbour) switches to Boost but your address is picked up in error. This is common if the address is listed the same or with the same postcode etc. In the welcome pack, we ask new customers to check that their details are correct including the supply number to avoid this happening. Whilst the address and supply in an ET might be wrong, the account details such as the customer name and contact email address would be correctly aligned to the person that started the switch. So this might explain why you didn’t get the welcome email when the switch first went through. Perhaps this same email address is on the account, which would also explain why the resent welcome email hasn’t been received.


I’d recommend you ask the Support team to check that the email address and account name matches yours, and if you have a letter from Scottish Power which includes a mention of your supply number (MPAN) this will also be really helpful. Apart from that, I can’t offer much more advice without getting into ‘guesswork’ which is best avoided. If you visit the Boost homepage, you’ll see the website option on the bottom right of the screen here.  


Hope this helps!