I'm switching to Boost - what happens next?

  • 18 September 2017
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So, you’ve made the jump!

Once you've said ‘yes please’ to joining Boost, your switch will get underway. The 3 step process is really simple.

1. You’ll get a welcome pack via email, with everything you need to know about your chosen tariff, your expected switch date, your supply details and your cancellation period.

2. You’ve got 14 calendar days to change your mind from the day you sign up, so check all the information in the welcome pack carefully and get in touch if you'd like to change anything. Just let us know (by email or by phone) if anything needs changing, or if Boost is not for you.

3. We'll post your new payment key and card for your meters. There is a 10 working day window to receive these, spanning from 5 working days before your supply start date to 5 working days after.

Here's some important things to know whilst you wait:
- When your new key and card arrive, you should start using them straight away after your supply start date.
- As you start to get close to your Boost start date, avoid making any big top ups with your old key and card, as you could lose this credit when you register your new ones.
- You can top up at any PayPoint. We'll include instructions with your new key and card on how to register them before topping up.
- If you have remaining credit when you register your Boost key and card, you can contact your old supplier for a refund.
- If you already have a smart meter, we'll send you a different type of payment card and instructions on how to register it.

Its a pretty simple process, but if you are still not clear on something or think of something we haven't covered, comment below and we will do what we can to help or see if any other users have any help and advice to offer.

Updated 18/02/2020

Here's a more up to date explanation to the process (it may show more information too!): Switching to Boost.

16 replies

My switch day is tomorrow will my electric go off before I can use my key or can I just put it in anytime on switch day
It depends on how much credit you have, @James562B

We'd recommend inserting our key and card on or after the day you've come on supply with us. If your credit is running low, take our key/card to the shop to top up after they've been registered in the meters.

Answer was yes electric went off and put 55p debt on meter so had to put emergency on then went to shop and top up went smoothly but had to repay 66p Evan tho the emergency was not Evan used.
Boa tarde. Supostamente, meu contrato começou hoje, mas ainda não recebi a caneta
Oh no @James562B - I'm sorry to hear that switch didn't go as smoothly as we'd hope. But it's good to know you were able to top up and get back on supply.

If you were to ever find yourself off supply in the future (although hopefully this would never happen) we'd always recommend you call us on 0330 102 7517.

Hey @Ricardo

You can receive your key up to 5 working days after the date you've come on supply with us. If you've still not received a key after this time, send us a PM on Facebook with your full name, DoB and account number.


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Hi I’ve changed my supplier to boost I was wondering when anyone else changed did boost change you from prepayment as they have done this with mine wirelessly without me knowing or wanting them too? Thanks
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Hey @Tara31 - I've moved your topic over here as your question is relating to what happens after you've switched to Boost.

Boost is for Pay as you go customers only so if you switched over to Boost from a previous supplier, you'd have signed up to our Pay as you go tariff.

Can you explain what you mean by Boost changed you from prepayment? What did Boost changed you to? I'd like to help further.

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Hi I called them this morning and have sorted it out now but thank you for your help. Tara
Hello I've been trying to switch back over to boost for the last month being told it won't let you take over call back in a week im getting to the point of giving up now when i just want to switch back
Hey @Shanzy1994 - I've moved your query over to our topic on switching.

Have you spoken to your current supplier to see why the switch isn't going ahead? It's most likely that they're objecting - this could be due to an existing debt or fixed contract.

Give them a call and let us know how you get on!
Will i still be able to top up my meter with the old key till i recieve my new key. Iam starting to get worried that i will loose my supply
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You should've received your key by now, @Tom-e. For now continue to use your old suppliers, but send the team a message on Facebook with your name, DoB, full address and email so they can get a key sent out.

Oh, this is what’s meant to happen, not a simple gas safety letter. Can’t complain anyway everything was a breeze, in other words, over my head.

My smart account has gone onto boost but when I log in to try and top up it says inactive account.i now have no gas and it's freezing and I had a 6 year old and a 8 month old????? 

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Hi @daniellebassford1992,

If you need help urgently, you need to call the team on 0330 102 7517 who are available from 8am to 8pm on weekdays, and from 9am to 5pm on Saturday.

More info on how the PAYG+ setup works here