I'm an Economy Energy Customer - What do I need to know?

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Hi @Nikki69

If you're unable to login to the Economy Energy app/online account we should be able to get you set up on our system now.

I recommend popping us a message via our Facebook page here, or you can pop us a call on 0330 1027517 and one of our advisors will help you get set up!

H all I got moved here because economy energy stopped reading now when I was with them I spent £15 and lived in my emergency credit ...now am in boost the minimum traff they do is £21 aweek minimum spend and this is the problem I don't spend that as I want value for my money as am on JAS well now I've been put on UC ...the other problem is I don't get emergency credit no more I get a txt saying old top up by 10am the following day or metre will turn off,,so then am forced into topping up or find money which I don't have??last thing is wat happens if u can't get online all the time ,,how do u see what's wat,,see this is another way to force ppl into getting WiFi..which is wrong because now ppl are forced into things they can't afford and then the opportunity is taken away from me ,so if am struggling paying for electric ,,how do you think I can afford WiFi to look at my account
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Economy Energy customers with smart meters won't have access the Boost app yet. You'll need to keep topping up with your existing cards to avoid being disconnected. If you use the online portal to top up, you can also keep using this. We'll honour any credit balances you've got left with Economy Energy when you transfer over to us.

Hi @Jason45 - I've moved your post over here. The information above should help. If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below!
I am exhausted. We were with Economy Energy for about 2 years before they went under and we were force-transferred to OVO, which then became Boost.

I was left unable to top up with the Economy Energy app, because my account no longer exists.

My partner contacted Boost/OVO and was told to use the original backup plastic cards at a store. This worked but was a hassle. It caused me much anxiety as I have several medical conditions, including mental health problems and I am an electric wheelchair user which needs to be charged daily if I am to get out and about.

I have since found out that it's possible to top up with the Economy Energy app, using the "Top Up Now" feature, but this is a pain as I have to type the last 9 numbers each time, and put my card details in.

We were told we would be transferred fully over to boost around the 28th of January this year. Our smart meter has the "Ovo Variable Fixed Rate" tariff applied to it.

We have had no further information on this transfer, and cannot log-in using the boost app with the credentials provided to my partner.

I am completely frustrated with my experience with Ovo/Boost, as getting through on the telephone is an impossible endeavour. I should be on the Priority Services Register and should have received the Warm Home Discount, though I cannot find any evidence of this.

I am extremely anxious about what is happening and require some closure as I also tried to switch energy providers though they say I need to contact you to make some change to the smart meter to allow a transfer. I'm not quite sure I understand.

If someone can finally get back to me and explain what is going on, we may choose to stay with boost, though right now, it's safe to say we are not impressed.
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Hi @ExhaustedPerson,

I'm so sorry to hear the issues you've faced since Economy energy ceased trading.

It was a very strange period, so I can understand the concern you had then this happened. The fact that you've been having to go to the shops instead of simply using Economy Energy's app or our app is such a shame as well, as I can appreciate how convenient it is to be able to top up from your app.

The best thing to do, in this instance, would be to contact the team, so we can get this resolved for you straight away.

You can call us on 0330 102 7517, or email us at hello@boostpower.co.uk, but if you'd prefer, you can get in contact with the Social team via Facebook or Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/boostpoweruk/ or https://twitter.com/boostpoweruk

Ok so this may sound really stupid but i didnt realise the suuplier i was with (economy energy) had gone bust and was moving all the customers over to ovo.
I Just found an old email from the beginning of this year to say that i should be getting a card for when the switch goes over to boost power but I've still been using my same electric key this whole time?
Really confused and now worried I've been getting overcharged or something.
Thanks in advance
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Hey @Tinyhands ,

I've moved your topic to this existing one to help you get to grips with all the changes since Economy Energy ceased trading.

Check our @Darran_Boost 's information above to get an idea of what to expect.

If you're still using your existing card and its still working, that's fine, we won't need to send you a new one. However, if you want a new card, just reach out to us via our email at hello@boostpower.co.uk.