How do I get a gas meter fitted and with Boost for a new supply that is being created at my property?

  • 14 November 2020
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Hi I have northern gas networks coming to fix the gas supply to my property which is currently electric only. How do I get over energy/boost to supply me with a meter so that I can then use my new supply. Please can you help me as I’m struggling to get someone to understand what I need to do thank you

1 reply

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Hi @CliveLandlord - great question this. 


Boost Power are actually not able to create a new supply currently. This is what is needed, a supply (together with a supply number, otherwise known as a meter point reference number), needs creating by a supplier able to do this, who would also arrange with you to visit and fit the meter. After this point, you could switch to Boost at any point here


My advice is to reach out to a big supplier, like SSE to request a quote for this process.