Getting started on the forum - How to

  • 18 March 2020
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Getting started on the forum - How to
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Updated 15/09/20 All info accurate and up to date.


First things first you’ll need to create an account!

Step 1:

Click the log in tab (I’ve very poorly circled)

Step 2:

When on this page click “Click here to create one”

Step 3: 

When here, fill in your details and hit register, that’s it!

Once you’re up and running it’s time to get active! We’re here to help each other so lets get to it:blush:

How to leave a comment

Head to the bottom of the topic you want to comment on and start writing your reply. 

How to subscribe and follow a topic

Click on the little star that says “subscribe”


How to send a private message

If you need to contact another customer or a moderator, click on their name and you’ll come to this page. Click send message and you can privately message them.

I hope this helps! :muscle_tone1:

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