Editing Your Own Post - How To

  • 9 July 2019
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Typical! You’ve written a post, perfect title, nicely written, added some relevant tags to get more views, and you’ve hit the ‘Create’ button…. Only to notice you’ve accidentally referred to us as “Boots”...

It’s easy to make a mistake, but it’s even easier to erase it on the Boots forum (I can edit that later).

Here’s a handy How-To topic to show you how you can edit your own posts!

  • Looking at your post, you should see 3 dots near the bottom, click on this, and you should get a few options, the top being ‘Edit’.

  • Click the ‘Edit’ button. This should now allow you to be able to edit the text and images on your post.
  • If you want to edit the tags, choose the option ‘Modify Tags’ beside the current tags

  • Click the x’s to remove them, or type in the empty space to add them.
  • Click ‘Save’ when you’re done.
And that’s it, a near-perfect topic, edited to perfection!

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