Do I need to call to tell Boost I've moved in?

  • 30 September 2019
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I have just moved in to a house where Boost is the supplier and I've spent all day trying to get through so I can sign up.

I called the Boost number and hit 1 so they called me back, the first time they never called back, so I tried again. This time they did call back, they said I needed to be put through as they were the DD team and not trained on PAYG, quoting me the original number I had phoned just in case it cut off.

15 Minutes on hold and I had to hand up as I'm at work.

I try again later, again to be told that even though I phoned the right number they will have to put me through to the PAYG team to sign me up. 20 Minutes on hold again and still no answer. Is anyone actually there?

Is there another way I can actually sign up without having to phone and go round in circles?
I'm currently in the position of having used the emergency credit over the weekend because the phone lines are closed to have to buy credit on the previous persons account just to keep using the gas and electricity.


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7 replies

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Updated 15/09/20- Lines are open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm and 9am-5pm Sat. 


That's frustrating @Strett, I'm sorry you had to be transferred despite calling the right team.

Unfortunately, calling is the only way to get registered into your new home, so you'll need to try again. It's typically quieter towards the end of the week, so if you can wait, it's always best.

The number for the Customer Care team is 0330 102 7517.


Hi, have recently moved into a property with smart gas meter supplied via boost (I have the pre payment card)

I would like to be able to pay online tho , but I don’t have an account , and have tried a few times to call, for an hour at a time, only to be cut off, have also  messaged via Facebook , who just told me to call to set up up an account. 
I would also like an electricity smart meter so I can pay everything online. 
Is it likely I’m ever going to able to speak to someone to get this sorted out?….. or should I just go with a different supplier altogether that I can at least speak to!

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Such a bad experience this, @markalex73 - so sorry to hear. 


As it’s a tariff you’re agreeing to, we do need to do this on the phone: 0330 102 7517


The average wait this week has been 7 minutes, so it sounds like we were particularly busy when you tried. That might also explain the issue disconnecting. Not good. 


Call us and we can arrange a smart meter installation so you can top up online! 

Thanks Tim, I tried again tonight, just now actually , unfortunately on hold for 39 minutes listening to distorted music, for the music to end and then minutes later the call ends!!

sorry wasted too much time tryin to sort this now,  too busy , will have to change over to Scottish power or alternative, someone I can least get through to

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So sorry to hear this, @markalex73 


Are you able to send me a PM with the date, time of the call and your number?

I too have just moved into a property with a Smart-PAYG meter, and have started converting to direct debut monthly plan with your parent company Ovo. however in the interim, how do I top up my electricity credit so I don’t have a account?


I cannot afford to spend an hour on the phone waiting to speak to someone just to register. Can I just top up the meter manually from a shop as a one off instead of via app? I don’t think it acceptable for me to go without electricity when I have no way to pay for it.

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Hi @apple561 - Hope the move went well. :slight_smile:


If you've moved into a house supplied by Boost but you’re not planning on staying with us -  either way you’ll need to give the team a call to set-up a temporary account which will enable you to top-up in the meantime. You can reach the team on 0330 102 7517, Mon-Fri 8am-8pm and 9am-5pm Sat.


Once set-up, you can then top-up using the Boost app or by using the top-up code you’ll be given at your local PayPoint.


Hope the team can get this sorted ASAP for you! :thumbsup: