A reward for your forum contributions!

  • 19 September 2017
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**UPDATED on 30/07/2019**

Chipping in on discussions here and there? Forging yourself as a bit of a specialist or helping users with a range of subjects? However you choose to contribute, we’ve got the ranking and badges to reward you for all your hard work.

Your journey as an Boost Forum user is symbolised by your rank. If you help other users, your rank will change to reflect this. To become a legend, you have to get your name our there!

Here are the badges you can earn on your forum journey (you'll also need to make sure your profile is set up, including a profile picture):

- Power up: Earn this by becoming part of the community.
- Smart guy: Earn this by being the one in the know with all things to do with smart meters.
- Energy saver: You’ll need to be a real pro when it comes to energy efficiency to get this.
- Billing mastermind: Earn this by becoming an absolute expert with billing and payments.

The race is on. The challenge set. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get earning!

2 replies

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Shout out to these users for all the likes and some badge earners over the last 7 days! 🙌🏻

Special shout outs to @Sophie1983 for earning her Wayfinder badge and getting the 4th highest number of likes! 👏🏼

Great to see all this activity from you @mrslewis @keeamy @Nige harvey @rob1576 @Jennie46
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Feels special lol😆