Why is Boost so expensive?

  • 13 January 2018
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Why is boost so expensive? When I was with swalec I was never paying this much 40.00 a month now its 160.00 I no its still winter but even so a bit ridiculous it will get too a point that we are in darknes and freezing somethings got too change or I may leave


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10 replies

It's strange how many people are complaining about the this but we are still be told the same BS about chargers not changing exc exc we all getting told to check out this link n that link on how to save money blah blah none of the links are any help at all you'd can't tell me all these posts about there cost suddenly going up which may I add most have more than doubled in cost it can not be due to the winter months it's a absolute disgrace how we all getting fobbed off with the same **** I am a single unemployed mother of a 9 yr old disabled son I rely on my power for medical equipment I'm topping up constantly it that bad that I dread checking my balance every day cos I know it's going to be low yet again

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Updated 15/09/20 All info accurate and up to date. 

Hi @Emma0803@Mandie87 thanks for posting.

This topic covers what to do if you’ve higher than expected costs and feel something Is wrong please reach out to the Boost customer care team for assistance.

There's also a topic here that you can comment on to confirm your postcode, and someone from Boost will check if your prices have changed recently.

I can sympathise with the impacts and cost too as I've spent fortune these past 6 week or so and live alone

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Hey @Emma0803,

If you’re a single, unemployed mother who has a son who relies on power for his medical equipment, it might best best giving out team a call to talk through what options might be available to you. You can reach them on 0330 102 7517.

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Has anyone found that Boost appears to be more expensive than their previous supplier
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I was COLD CALLED on my mobile from BOOST who promised that I would only pay £25 per week for BOTH my GAS and electric so I changed supplier to BOOST.. Who wouldn't, right? ........ OK, so, WHY am I feeding my prepayment meter AT LEAST £50 per week?????????
I am 62 years old and disabled out of work so I am on a VERY tight budget. I have had to go without food due to feeding your BOOST meter!... I have almost had to sit with no power or gas for heating due to BOOST draining me dry!... £25 per week for both GAS & Electric.. WHAT A LIE!!!!!!!!!

BOOST is also costing me FAR more than my old supplier.. BOOST told me I would save money... LIARS!

I phone but there is OVER an hour queue to talk to staff???? Are you kidding in this day and age??? Or is this a stark clue as to just how bad your company is???
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I can't believe how expensive my electricity is I've been in touch with ovo who seem to think I could be paying a dept back but keep saying there is 40 minute wait to get through to boost I am not in dept with my bills I am a payg customer and always have been got to get to the bottom of this have been in touch with a company who says I am paying to much they have now sent ovo an email on my behalf ...
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iv been with boost for 3 months and its costing me £40 a month more than with my previous supplier.
changing suppliers as we speak.
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I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing they’re topping up a lot , I’ve emailed them a couple of times and replied back blaming it one my usage there’s 3 of us in the house haven’t had heating on for couple days now as it’s been warm enough without it , I seem to use the same amount without putting heating on so how does that work out I should be using less energy when heating isn’t on but it’s not the case I’ve also got brand new boiler and radiators so it’s not that
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Hi @Nanasam53,

I've moved your post here, as there's lots of info that relates to your comment that you may find helpful! Check out @mattj3135 Best Answer.

You've mentioned you've been in touch a few times via email, if you feel the info doesn't answer your query, please pop us a message on our Facebook .

Hope this helps!
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I've demanded for my previous meters to be reinstalled and boosts to be removed as I am still in the cooling of period. 

This company(BOOST/OVO) is a money sucking leech. I am in shock and angry amasement how much I'm paying for both gas and electric. Its way, way more then my previous supplier. I'm using the same appliances as before, nothing added. So why am I paying more!!!! You fuels don't come with colourful rainbows!!

Please don't assult me with you scripted links and stuff. 

Your are a rip off company, end off.