What do I do if my gas card is broken or lost?

  • 21 November 2018
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I have no gas card .it isnt working.im in emergency. Been calling loads of shop but no luck.
Nowhere has any gas cards .what am i supposed to do ?

21 replies

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Hey @Alissamurray,

I'm sorry to hear that your gas card wasn't working. In any emergency situation, you'll need to contact the team on 0330 1027517 (or 0117 332 3728 from a mobile or contact the social team on Facebook or Twitter.

The forum is a great place to get peer to peer support and seek advice but for emergency or off supply situations, you need to seek help from our care advisors.


*Updated 18/07/2019 - All info correct*
Hi ive lost my gas card and ran out of gas what can I do s help
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Hey @Lee260271 - I've moved your post over here where you should be able to find the info you need in Lucy's answer above.
Hi. Can any one help as the customer services dont seem to want to. Ive switched from economy energy. I have a smart meter and i went to top up from the ususal app and it wont let me top up. I now have no supply of gas and electricity will be gone tomorrow. Ive had no instructions on what to do. Ive downloaded the app for boost but im apparently not registered. So have no way of topping up. Has anyone any joy resolving this
I tried topping up my economy card but PayPal won’t do it so for a week had no gas for heating ,cooking or hot water
Tried phoning boost but only got mobile phone so cannot wait 230 minutes for advisor
Emails every day but not been answered
why has Ofgem given a company that obviously can’t cope this contract this I will be asking Ofgen on Monday
Anyone know how to get this companies response??
I have recently transferred to boost gas supply they have sent me out my welcom pack but no top up card my supply changed on the 26 jan 2019 I am currently sitting with no gas and there’s closed..any ideas on what I can do ?
I have lost my gas card and have to children I have no heaters and it’s very cold how can I get my gas put on
I have lost my gas card does anyone no how u can get another one as it’s very cold and I have two children
I havent received a new card and key so can i still use my old ones until new ones are supplied
Can I topup my gas with econmony energy card not recevied new card yet an have no gas
I have a econmony energy gas card can i still use that to topup have no gas supply for heat an cooking
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I have a econmony energy gas card can i still use that to topup have no gas supply for heat an cooking

Yes @Vonh1 @Fraserc

Please use those Economy Energy cards and keys to top up your meters, or through the online top-up portal if you use it. This means we won’t be sending you new keys and cards for now. If you’ve lost your top-up keys/cards, please visit Boost Help (https://www.boostpower.co.uk/help) and search ‘problem with my meter key card’.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be able to offer you the highly recommended PAYG+. But we’re just making sure everyone can keep their meters topped up for the time being.

Ok thanks got another question I recommended a friend to boost on Friday 1st Feb has this been received
I still haven't received my card. I've waited 2 weeks. I already have one for the electric
Is my new gas card on the way? Had a new meter put in because it kept going into "call help" also my current gas card has £20 unused credit. Can I be refunded for this?
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Hey @Dozzer - I've moved your post over here you should be able to find the info you need in Lucy's answer above.
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Sorry to hear you've not had your card yet, @Shaun90, the info above will send you in the right direction to getting this sorted. Please contact our team ASAP, they'll be able to assist with any refund due.
I have rang up 4 times to say about getting another gas card from local shops none of them do ovo or boost and we have no gas. I have fibromyalgia so need baths, my child needs baths and clean clothes and pots with no gas can't do anything. I'm not happy at all.
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@Sassysarena I've merged your post to this one, as the info here is very relevant.

I hope you've managed to get this sorted now.


An engineer called other day and had took my card I didn’t realise till now he had

the boost telephone helpline is shut till Monday is there anyone who can help I have a new born baby and don’t know what to do 

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@Boost customer I moved your message over here as the information could help you!


Just to confirm though, there’s always someone on Facebook or Twitter between 9am - 5pm on weekends that can help!