Power cut: what to do……

  • 8 January 2018
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Here's a guide for when the lights go out - let’s keep it brief and to the point.

🏘️Check the neighbours:

This is to make sure it’s a power cut and not an issue with your property’s supply.

If it's just you, have a look at the fuse box for any tripped switches and consider getting an electrician out to you.

If your neighbours are in the dark as well, then give your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) ) a call to confirm if it’s a power shortage, and ask for an ETA of when you’ll get your power back on.

💡It’s a power cut for sure - now what?

Basically it’s damage limitation until the power gets restored.

Switch your appliances off at the plug. You don’t want things like irons or electric fires coming on unexpectedly. Turning things off also protects your appliances from power surges.

Try and keep your fridge and freezer shut as much as possible. It’ll maintain its temperature for hours if you do! If you have ice, get it into a cool box and get your diary items in it.

Use a torch instead of a candle if you have one - it's much safer. If candles are the only option, place them on a firm surface, away from children and always attended.

Look out for vulnerable neighbours who might need a helping hand. It will only take a few minutes to check they’re ok.

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the downtime. Who knows, maybe you could even reach for the monopoly set!

4 replies

can someone tell me what happens to smart meter when there is a power cut . is there a battery back up or not
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No there's not, @Marion43, your meter will go blank and the lights will stop flashing. Take a look at this topic for more advice.

My road/area currently has a power cut. I’ve just called customer services to confirm this. The woman on the phone said my meter is on from her side so we must be load shedding. I asked who is my supplier so I can call them to find out how long this is expected to last as I have a baby and need to heat bottles up. Her response was to ask my neighbour WTH I said you should know this. She was very rude and said we only supply the meters. What a useless muppet. Please employ people with some brains. As for load shedding that’s what happens in South Africa not here in the UK!!

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@Kelzoni - I’ve moved your topic over here, as the info here is a great step by step guide of how to diagnose a power cut, and what to do.


I’m sorry you didn’t have a great experience when getting in touch with our Care Team, customer service is very important to us, so it’s a shame to hear you didn’t get the correct advice.