My smart meter appointment didn't go ahead - what happens next?

We signed up with Boost to get the new smart meter fitted with the in house display. We were switched over with no problems and received the top up key. We then waited for our install.

The engineer turned up to fit the smart meter but did not have the in house display which is what we wanted. We then had to ring up to rebook the appointment after waiting for the engineer to rebook this but failed to close down the job.

We rebooked this for a future date to take yet another day off work for this to happen, only to be told at 1pm after waiting in all morning, that this had been cancelled by the firm completing the install without informing us. Without phoning up again and booking the 3rd appointment to get the smart meter and in house display installed what can be done to resolve this?

We have had several apologies from the first visit and then more apologies on the phone with the second failed install.

I’m getting very disgruntled here, and really don’t want to go back to our old energy supplier, who hadn’t the same rates as Boost, but we signed up because of the new way to top and the in house display.

What can be done instead of now taking another day off work and possibly a failed 3rd install?



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Updated on 16/09/2020 - You can call us on 0330 102 7517, between 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday, and 9am - 5pm Saturdays or email us at for this.


Hi @Phljhnst thanks for posting,

I'm concerned to hear of the issues you've outlined above. Here's my advice on what to do to get your meters installed smoothly

1) telephone boost and request to speak to the complaints team (they have greater flexibility to aid getting your smart meters installed)

2) request the £30 missed appointment payment (this won't cover your loss from not working that day but boost have a policy to pay this if an appointment is cancelled without 24 hours notice.)

3) if the engineer doesn't have an IHD when they come to install your meters, the install can go ahead - simply contact the boost customer care team and they will send an IHD out FOC ASAP.

4) when you speak to the complaints team request a date that doesn't inconvienence you any further with days off work.

Hope this helps and please do let me know how you get on.

On the 3rd September 2018 an engineer came out to fit a new meter, he was unable to remove old meter and left ! When will I get my meter fitted?
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We already had a topic on this, Elaine, so I've moved your query over here.

Check out the best answer at the top for more information! :)

Promised asmart meter 9times booked time of work for you to cancel day before telling me theres non avaible..absolute joke...fuming
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Hey @Shannon mcgee!

It's not great to hear the appointment was cancelled, but we should be able get you another appointment booked in if you can follow the advice from @mattj3135 above.

Let us know how you get on!


I've been waiting 5 months foru smart meters to be installed you turned up I've an hour late the first time I had to leave my house so couldn't have them done. The second time you cancelled with less than 12 hours to go until my appointment time. I want my smart meters installed.

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I’ve moved your post here, @sheena-jw, I’m sorry to hear this is an ongoing issue, please check out, @mattj3135, best answer for more info. 


I’ve moved your post here, @sheena-jw, I’m sorry to hear this is an ongoing issue, please check out, @mattj3135, best answer for more info. 


I've done all of that and still nothing. I'm thinking of leaving now because I won't get my meters installed

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We’re not installing smart meters at the moment due to COVID-19, @sheena-jw, keep an eye on our booking platform to see when the restrictions will be lifted.

We’re not installing smart meters at the moment due to COVID-19, @sheena-jw, keep an eye on our booking platform to see when the restrictions will be lifted.

Yes I know this but I've had two appointments cancelled before covid-19. Which I had waited 3 months for the first appointment and then a further two months for the next. I probably won't get them installed until next year. So what's the point. The plan I chose was smart PAYG plus but I can't even get any of the benefits and I'm paying extortionate prices because of this.

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We only offer one tariff, @sheena-jw, regardless of your meter type and your usage would not change due to having a smart meter. I appreciate your frustration and if COV-19 hadn’t come along I’m sure we’d have sorted you an appointment. As soon as restrictions change, please book an appointment. 


i had an appointment to get a Smart Meter fitted today between 12pm and 4pm and the engineer rung me around 12.20pm to say that he would be at my property by 1pm which he was.

he checked a few things then sent some information back thru his pda and when it came back he then told me that the information they have about my meter is wrong so he can,t fit the Smart.

i,m like WTF bro what am i supposed to do now.

Everytime i ring up i tell them my name,my address and the serial number of my traditional electric meter so i,m not even entertaining their Garbage.

i,ve had to turn of any heating in my flat from sunday night because the meter is over clocking and over charging me and i,m currently cold which is not nice.

they even sent me a text message at 14.03pm today saying an Ovo engineer will arrive between 02.30pm and 02.45pm which i tried to reply but the number from which the text was sent from does not accept messages.

i used the tracking option attached to the text message and it come up with simon the engineer had completed the job at flat 28???

i don,t live in flat 28

The level of ignorance and incompertance is very high

took me over 4 hours to actually speak with someone and in that time was hung up on about 3 times which is just disgraceful.

i,m supposed to get a call back on tuesday 16th february between 2pm and 4pm because this is the time i told them to ring me because i got things to do which i should have done on monday 15th but could not because i wasted a whole day on them waiting for a engineer who didn,t fit the Smart meter then wasting the rest of the day trying to speak with someone about this.

Worst of it is i never gave them my permission to take over my supply and they never informed me that are my new supplier.

i only found out they were my supplier by chance in november 2020 and it,s been downhill from then.

i ain,t got time for none of this BS, timewasting or Stress so after i speak with this so-called resolution team and depending on the out come i will be looking for a new supplier and contacting the office of fair trading,ofcom and the Omburdsman.

This is not acceptable one bit on any level



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We’ve already got a topic on this @WHATHEHECK so I’ve moved your query here. I’m really sorry to hear about the issues getting the smart meter fitted. Check out @mattj3135 best answer for details on what steps to take here. 


Hope this is sorted soon.

@Alice_Boost .

This is a continuation of the problems i have been experiencing with this MICKEY MOUSE company so you should have left this where it was!

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@WHATHEHECK I recommend reaching out to the team here- for further help. If you pop them a message with your full name, DoB, full address and postcode then they can access your account and take a look.

i don,t do that facebook thing and i am not that big on social media either.

the resolutions team are supposed to ring me back today between 2pm -4pm and i am still awaiting this phone call.

The reason behind the 2 hour window of 2pm-4pm on tuesday 16th february is because i explained to one of the call centre reps who was logging my complaint was i have wasted a whole day waiting to get a smart meter fitted which never got fitted then i wated another 4 hours trying to contact boost about it.

i will be available from 2pm -4pm because i am trying to catch up wiith all the things i should have been doing on monday which i never got chance to do. phone calls missed appointments etc

Better if you just give me the direct number to the Resolutions Department or there Complaints department and i,ll take it from there.

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@WHATHEHECK - Did you hear back from them in the end?


We’re unable to provide a number for the Complaints Team, but if you need to speak to them, you can call the Care Team on 0330 102 7517 and they can direct you to the relevant complaint handler.


No i did not here back from them and i had to ring them around 20 minutes pass 4pm the same day they said they would contact me.

i got thru after about 25 minutes spoke with some guy who wanted my details which i gave him then he put me a hold to conect me to a complaints department.

Get conected and this is where another string of BS BEGUN.

After telling this rep the problems,the failed fitting the 4 hour waiting on hold and getting hung up on she hasn,t even got a new installment date and it got worse.

After reminding her twice that the traditional meter that they took over the supply of which they never informed me of or gained my permission verbally or by way of a signed contract and that i am also on universal credit with no money left to put in the meter which was on £2.74 that wouldn,t last me thru the night she states if i will close the complaint then she will credit me with a £20 credit that i wouldn,t have to pay back.

i remind her again that every time i have had a credit from them that it burns out the money quicker than it should for example if it costs me £4 a night to run as soon as i put there credit in it runs at £7 - £8 a night.

to which she said no it will not do that.

I also asked her if i had not been home when the smart engineer call at my home what would that have cost me to which she said £130 to which i said if you can charge me £130 for that then you can give me at least $50 in compensation.

then as soon as i tell her i do not want to close the complaint for the simple fact the complaint has not beem dealt with and when it is dealt with that,s when the complaint will be closed then she start getting fnny with me by saying “well i will have to cancel the £20 credit i was going to give you and then put you on hold to reconnect you with another department”??????

Because i didn,t have any money to top up the meter and i had to switch of my heating from sunday evening i had to let her close the case otherwise i would of probly starved and froxe to death.

Absouiety disgraceful

And it gets worse i emailed that hello boost from monday this week and they replied saying the email address i had contacted them from is not logged with this forum.

What a load of Boll@@ks considering i left my FULL ADDRESS with the Email

i will be taking this to the Oburdsman Trading Standards and Central News which is on ITV every evening at 6pm.

Boost as a Company are WORSE that a MICKEY MOUSE company they and need to cease trading as a energy supplier and i don,t care how many legal aid solicitors i have to contact to do this.




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I’m sorry to hear that this is still ongoing @WHATHEHECK 


I’d recommend reaching out to Customer Care again if the complaint wasn’t resolved to your satisfaction and they can escalate this further. 


You can find our complaints process here


Your engineer was meant to come today  I never showed up. This is now the third time I've been let down.  No one phoned. No one text. I wasn't told within 24 hours that it had been cancelled. Not happy having to head waited in. You would have charged me a lot more if I wasn't in at the time of the engineer turning up. Now I suppose I have to make up another appointment which will probably end in the same result as the others total waste of time. 

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I’m so sorry to hear about your missed smart meter appointment, @Mark Dixon.


I’ve moved your comment over to this similar thread as there’s some helpful advice in the ‘Best Answer’ above:



 Here's my advice on what to do to get your meters installed smoothly

1) telephone boost and request to raise a complaint

2) request the £30 missed appointment payment (this won't cover your loss from not working that day but boost have a policy to pay this if an appointment is cancelled without 24 hours notice.)


Understandably it’s pretty frustrating that this is your third missed appointment -  I’m guessing that staff shortages due to the current high COVID rates may not have helped in this case. It’s worth mentioning that any missed appointments which weren’t cancelled with 24 hours notice would be eligible for a £30 compensation payment. 


If you haven’t already we’d encourage you to reach out to the Support Team (quickest way to get in touch is often via Webchat which you can access here) to get the appointment rescheduled and the compensation payment applied.


I’m hoping this information helps get things sorted. Do pop back and let us know when you get those smart meters up and running. :slight_smile:

I too have had an engineer appointment booked to switch my blank meter over, they were supposed to come this morning and haven't arrived again, I also cannot get through to the boost customer service team for assistance. Is there anyway to request assistance?

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I’m so sorry to hear about the missed engineer’s visit, @sazba29.


I’m hoping you’ve already managed to get through to the Support Team to get this re-scheduled and the £30 compensation applied for.


Unfortunately we’re not able to request a call back here but if you’re still needing to speak to the team the quickest way to get in touch is often via our web chat.


I hope this helps get things sorted.