My meter says battery fail - what do I do?

  • 4 August 2019
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I topped up my gas last night but when I inserted card the gas meter says battery fail and is sending off a high pitched bleep which has been going all night. We have no gas and all numbers for boost are saying closed until Monday. Surely there is a contact number for emergencies?

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Hi @Azlounel,

I hope you have this sorted, but you need to call us to get an emergency engineer visit appointment booked, as we’ll need to replace the meter with a new one.

The Customer Service team are best contacted by phone when an appointment is needed, and they take calls 7 days a week! 


Webchat and Facebook / Twitter:

Monday - Friday


Saturday & Sunday


Bank Holidays



Full Service Phone: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile)

Monday - Friday




Bank Holidays



Emergency Phone: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile)

Monday - Friday


Saturday & Sunday



Please note: The meter will most likely be swapped for a smart meter, as traditional top up meters are no longer being produced. It is entirely dependent on what meters the engineer has at the time of the installation. There’s lots more info on smart meters here.


On Saturday I purchased a top up for my metre (card metre) went to put it in and my metre read battery fail so unable to put this money in! Had to wait until Monday to sort it out someone was meant to come out in the morning they didnt and I called only to find out they didnt even raise it. So 3 hrs later an engineer turns up installs a smart metre which I didnt want another call to boost to see bout the money on my card and metre told to wait 3 days have waited 4 days. Called them today and still no further forward with regards money or working this stupid smart metre which was put in which I didnt want so I could use my money. Any help would be grateful preferably someone who has been in the same situation cant even check to see how much I have or nothing!!!! Worst company ever!!!
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Just topped my gas up and now my meter is saying battery fail and the phone lines are closed its not a smart meter iv’e got its a normal gas meter, I've got a 5 year old and no gas anyone know what to do?

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@Ellona, just put your message over here, the best answer is relevant to your situation!

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Hi... it isn't like replacing the batteries in a remote control. With this, if the battery has failed then the meter will need to be replaced.
A smart meter wasn't initially fitted and that this has resulted in lots of to-ing and fro-ing for you. I hope that this has now been resolved.

Hi iv just moved in and we have noticed that there is a red light flashing we have been told the meter is running out of battrey how do i change it and how do i go about change the meters  over in to my name 

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Hey @sarahfox,


First things first, you’ll need to call the team to get your Boost account set up with us. They’re available on 0330 102 7517 Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.


Secondly, we’ll need to arrange for the gas meter to be replaced, we can’t just change the battery so we’ll remove the whole thing and install a brand new one. If you’ve got smart meters we would be notified if the battery was due to run out soon, so we would arrange a meter exchange for 17 working days time. If your battery was to run out before the appointment was arranged to go ahead and you go off supply, just call the team and they can arrange an emergency appointment.


With traditional meters it’s a little harder to determine whether the battery is dying, I haven’t heard of a flashing light indicating this but the team can do more checks with you over the phone.