If I move house without smart meters, how do I get any credit left refunded?

  • 27 April 2018
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If and when I move into a house that doesn't have smart meters, how do I transfer any balance left and what would the time frame be to have new meters fitted?


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Updated 26/05/2020 

Thanks for posting @andyawol86

So the day you move out of your current property, take a photo or screenshot of your account balance and notify Boost (you can do this via their Twitter or Facebook pages).

When you know your new address, you can immediately start the sign up process for the new property. You can do this via the main Boost website here!

As smart meter engineer availability varies region to region, I'm unable to give any time frame for the installation.

Good luck with the move & hope this helps

I have moved out of my property this Saturday just gone and i informed boost of this new tennants have moved into my old house and are now using my electricity as i was in 60 pounds of credit can i suspend my account so my credit transfers to my new address?
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Hey @Sharonlea , I hope the move went well!

It's great to hear you'd like to switch your new property to Boost. You can grab yourself quote https:// .

We can't transfer any left over credit from one property to another, I've moved your topic to this post, as @mattj3135 has a great answer for how you get your remaining credit back.

Hope this helps!