I've just switched to Boost - what happens to my credit with my previous supplier?

  • 19 March 2018
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I have just signed up to boost for my Electric Supply and was wondering about any credit left on my meter, its 2 weeks to i go live and hopefully any credit left will be used up by then. If there is any monies left on can I run it down before I put my new Key In and change to Boost. Key Meter fitted until Later in April when Smart Meter being installed.



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on old key meters they would transfer credit/ remaining balance not sure about smart meters but in my experience steer clear of smart meters
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Updated 17/09/2020

Hi @tig thanks for posting and welcome to Boost!

Its advisable that you use as much credit from the meter before you complete the switch to boost - some customers have previously mentioned that the credit was wiped from their key meter when they put the Boost top up key in for the first time.

If there is any credit on your meters before you put the new top up key in the meter for the first time, take a picture of the display showing your credit as you'll need to contact you supplier prior to Boost taking over supply to request this refund.

I note you’re having smart meters fitted too - have you checked out the convos underway here on the forum about the tech?


Today is my switching day and I have some 35£ on the old British card for gas (I'll have the smart readers set up in two weeks), how can I get a refund from the old provider?

The link to more information on the Boost website brings me to a 404 Not Found page.

Thank you for your support,

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Hi @Elettra the team have moved your topic over here as you should hopefully be able to find the answer above!

Any further questions please shout!
we had £150. approx last week. when you decided to change us to you. whats gone on...
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Take a look at the best answer for more info, @tonyone.