I've just moved in - how do I get a gas card?

  • 1 September 2018
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I've just moved into a new house with payg meters, the gas meter has a debt on & and no top up card, tried ringing up but it's Saturday so no one to answer, I have a 6 year old and no gas, is there anything I can do?

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Updated 20/05/2020 - If you move into a property during a weekend and need to get back on supply, check out our Emergency weekend FAQ here!

Info on how to get a new card here.


Hi @Kano the best thing to do is to contact Boost customer service with your move In date to hand. They will be able to get your account set up, wipe the the debt prior to your move in date, send you a top top up card and crucially get your gas back on supply. - as it's out of hours you may only get supply back on today and you may need to call back during office hours.

Please be aware that the Social Team man the Facebook and Twitter pages between 9am -5pm, Saturday and Sunday if you've got any issues and need help.

I have just got a house you supplie gas for the property I have tried to phone and can't get through I need a card so I can top up I move in next week and I have kids I need a card or something to top up
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See above @Janinej
I am waiting for a call Tim someone was ment to phone me at 2 I have emailed my number
Hi I’ve called multiple times for the past 2 weeks either never getting a hold of anyone or somebody not solving my problem. I don’t understand why as it’s a simple one. I moved into my home on the 21st of January2019, I topped up £15 on the previous tenant gas card, the next day, but I had no gass, then I realised there obviously some sort of debit/arrears on the card, I’m sure the debit was about £17 or more but you guys should have that on your data base. I’ve topped up the gas in a total of £45. Whatever the debit on the card was that I paid I’d like me money back please. I have children under 1 here and I can’t afford to be paying over people gass debit.
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Hi @Ranayadownes - I've moved your post onto this topic - check out the information above!
Hello I’ve just moved into a new rental property where the previous tenants were supplied by boost, I have tried to contact boost on the customer helpline but cannot get through as the lines are now closed, I have no key or card to try and just top up for now until I am able to transfer the energy on to my own name on Monday... is there anything I can do as the house is very cold ?
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Hi @Rohmana10,

If you're off supply, it's important you call the team as soon as possible on 0330 102 7517.

Our opening hours are:
8am-6pm Monday-Fridays
9am-1pm Saturdays


Hiya, I’ve just moved into a property and I rang them up yesterday to set the gas and electric up in my name. They did the electric for me but couldn’t do the gas because there was an outstanding debt on it so asked me to ring back in an hour and when I did they said they where closed.. I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant and my property is freezing BD I have no hot water

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Hope this was sorted, @Chloedodd14099 - you’ll need to call us if the previous occupiers didn’t leave a top up card to use to add credit: 0330 102 7517


When you get through, the advisor will get an account set up in your name and make sure you have a means of topping up. 

I can’t believe how bad boost are. I’m on my 9th call just today. I have been trying to get a previous occupants debt wiped since moving in on 19th December. This hasn’t happened. I’ve used my own money to clear most of this debt. I have been told a message will be left at a pay point to collect. I’ve been 6 times to 3 different shops. None have worked. I keep getting told the same thing time and times again the only solution they have is to send a new card. None of these work in the meter. 

I have never had such poor service from any company in my life let alone an energy company. 

I have 50p of gas left  3 small children and I can’t get gas topped up until it runs out  it’s -3 outside


boost and how they treat their customers is disgusting  I will be leaving at the soonest opportunity but in the mean time I want my credit back and some gas supply  

how can a company be so inadequate??!! 

my Twitter messages go on forever with photos of al the zero vends I’ve done but it still doesn’t work  


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It sounds like a truly awful experience, @Stone056 - I’m so sorry to hear this, and I hope you’ve been able to get a working gas card by now? 


Any debt on the meter before you moved in WILL get removed and refunded in full. 

I have recently just moved in to a property where boost is the suppliers, I have no top up cards and I rang to arrange this a week ago still no top up cards and now my electric and gas has gone off. I have been on hold for 3 hours and I don’t think it’s acceptable with having 2 young children. Can anybody help? It’s been off since half 10 ish this morning and can’t get through via the phone line.

I’m the same both mine has gone off. Won’t allow me to top up and been 146th in the queue for an hour. 
move got pups being birthed and no electricity! 
hope this gets sorted soon! 

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So sorry to hear about this, @Rhesketh and @Lisaxx. I know that we had long wait times yesterday with lots of customers calling in after a long bank holiday weekend. Our lines are in a better position now, and if you’ve just moved in and you don’t have a means of adding credit, please call us ASAP: 0330 102 7517.


If you have smart meters, we’ll be well placed to help get you back on supply on the call. With traditional meters you may need to get to a PayPoint. Info on how to get a new card here.


Hope this helps,

pls,  i just move into a new home,i need to set an account on my name and top up urgently


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Hello and Welcome to Boost, @Funmilola.


If you’ve just moved in, you’ll need to give the team a call to get you new Boost account set-up. You can reach the team on 0330 102 7517, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm or Saturday, 9am to 2pm.


Hope this helps.