I've got no gas and can't get through on the phone - what can I do?

  • 29 January 2019
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I have had no gas for two days! I can’t get through to customer service! It’s a joke! My house is freezing cold my cooker is a gas cooker I can’t cook! I have children! I have tried calling being on hold for 3 hours at a time still don’t get through! I’ve emailed ive filled in a complaints form. This is a joke!

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4 replies

I'm in the same boat. Just don't understand why you can't get through. It's absolutely disgusting.
Ssame here! Tell me 152mins wait time
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I been trying for days to get in touch with these people.
Song came up.
When I wake up in the morning say a little prayer.
I prayer them this is what I got to say.
I wake up in the morning no gas or electric, say a little prayer for me.
Forever, forever I'm freezing cold say a little prayer for me.
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Updated 17/09/2020 

Hi @Nickyxoxo@Juliefave2@Claire1987@Bev

We've been really busy in the last couple of weeks since Economy collapsed. This has caused wait times on the phone to be a lot longer than usual, but we're taking the appropriate steps to make sure more staff are available to answer calls, and customers are getting the support they need.

You can also reach us via our social team, here on Facebook and here on Twitter.

I hope this has been resolved for you now.