I'm off supply - can you help?

  • 18 September 2017
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**UPDATED ON 15/07/2019**

Here’s a how-to guide for customers that have gone off supply. First up work out why:

If it's an emergency, have a look at this page and follow the instructions.

If it's because you've run out of credit, you’ll need to top up. How you do this varies depending on your meter type, so we’ve got a couple of great OVO Answers pages to help:

If you haven’t got smart meters - click this link.

If you have got smart meters - click this link.

If you think there’s a fault with the meter, we might need to send out an engineer to you. To double check and get this visit arranged, please contact our Care team directly: 0330 102 7517. Then when you’re back on supply come back and let us know in the comments section what the fault was!

22 replies

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This is the second night without heating and hot water. We were unsure as to why this was but my husband figured out it was our supplier who was to blame and now I can’t get through to anyone on any number even the emergency line.

we have two children under 5 on of which has just come out of hospital with a wheeze on his lungs. I also have copd. It’s cold in our house as it’s old and not very well insulated.

what the heck do we do?

tomorrow will be our third night without both!!!!
Hi @Noellie - I've moved your query over to our off supply topic. Please give us a call as soon as you can (you can find our contact number in Lucy's message above). ^Emily
This is the worst gas and electric supplier ever £40 I have put on in 5 days and now I have no gas ! Been on website tried to find answer ,tried to log in to my boost can't . Try to phone boost emergency number but it closed till Monday ! Leaving me no other option but to phone gas emergency line or wait with 2 kids and no form of heating till Monday . In all the years of paying for my own gas and electric have I ever paid so much money a week for gas and electric . The majority of people that use payg meters are low income families that pay for energy before using it yet we pay more than people on quarterly meters who use energy then pay for it ?? I live in a 2 up 2 down terraced house .
gas man just been but as the fault is with the meter it is down boost but their EMERGENCY line is CLOSED until Monday morning so me and my 2 kids have been left with no heating , no hot water and no way of cooking !! So beaware anyone with a fault on your meter make sure it happens when boost are OPEN ! Customer care amazing absolute joke .
customers do call but your emergency phone line is CLOSED leaving your customers without supply and unable to do anything until your emergency line RE OPENS
I understand this isn't ideal @Karen70

There's plenty of information in Lucy's 'best answer' above, with advice on what to do in an emergency. Although we aren't able to provide a 24 hour service, we do have Customer Care advisors available 6 days a week. You can find our opening hours here: https://www.boostpower.co.uk/help#contactnumbers.

It's also worth noting that if you run out of credit with PAYG+ your smart meters won't go off supply for 24 hours (or over the weekend and bank holidays). More information on this here: https://forum.boostpower.co.uk/smart-meters-smart-products-27/smart-meter-non-disconnect-periods-have-changed-find-out-more-here-185.
The information and advice you give on what to do in an EMERGANCY is missing one vital piece of information which is only have a fault on your meter and loose your supply while your EMERGENCY line is open because when it's closed there is not a thing you can do ! It's also worth noting that there was credit and the gas smart meter DID go off supply for over 24 hrs and at the weekend
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Hi @Karen70 - if you're in an emergency situation over the weekend when our agents aren't in, you can send the team on Facebook or Twitter a message, as they will be able to assist during the daytime on Saturday and Sunday.
very often does not count my card and 2days stand without heating
very often does not count my card and 2 days stand without heating
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Hi this is a technical issue please call 0330 1027517 freephone or email hello@boostpower.co.uk
And explain to them and they will be able to resolves
This for you
Please let us know how you get on
Kindest regards
I have recently been told that I am being switched to boost. I topped up both my electricity and gas yesterday and today have woken up to no electricity or gas my supply says on but no power. ANyone else experiencing this??
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Hi @Llbd93 - I've moved your post over here. More info above!

Gas went off on thursday. Tried phoning several times. Got issue code on sat. Does not work. VEND INCORRECT. Spoke this morning got told 8pm customer service lines open? Get home from work early at 4pm to ring, phone gets put down twice. Tried to ring back at 5pm and its closed !! 5 days ???? No gas…. Terrib

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This isn't good to hear @shedley1!


If Boost know you’re off supply they should be looking to raise an emergency appointment to get you back on supply asap!


Please follow the advice given by @Lucy_Boost above to make sure you get back on supply as quickly as possible.


Let us know how you get on,


So spoke to boost last week about not being able to top up until Thursday 17th and told them I have no cards ... so now I have been without gas or electricy since 10 am and I have a 4 month old currently in the property and a 4 year old due home from school with no way to cook for them I've tried calling and got no luck.... I've had to make bottles in my neighbours house but she has just gone out so I'm screwed

Did u sort it out.


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I really hope you’ve managed to get back on supply now @Kerry hazell!


I’ve moved your comment here to make sure you’ve got all the info you need to get back on supply if not. Check out all of our emergency contact info above in @Lucy_Boost’s topic!


Let us know how you got on,


Hi all thanks for the replies into am now back on supply after a very long struggle ... I am going to be switching supplier Due to finding it hard to get in touch with boost and due to bad customer service but again thank you 

Still no energym so boost will be losing a customer. I still have no top up cards..

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Hey @Kerry hazell,


Just responded to your message in another topic, but if you’re off supply, give us a call on 0330 102 7517 - we’ll be able to get you back on supply, and get a new card out to you.


They’re open 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday, and 9am - 2pm Saturdays.




I'm on supply now and still no cards