I'm off supply - can you help?

  • 1 January 2018
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@DianeNorman please see the 'best answer' for this. You'll need to call us directly for help: 0330 102 7517
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**UPDATED on 16/07/2019**

Hi @Clarekerr76 thank you for posting.

The contact number to use is: 0330 102 7517

Have you checked out this page page for help when off supply or in an emergency?

if your are already calling the right team, please bare with them!
Hope youre back on supply soon
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I have topped up 18 pound on the boost card yet its not working and now im left wiv no gas

Hi @Becky12341,

I've moved your post over here where you can find information on what to do if you're off supply.

how can i get my gas back on, been trying for 4 days now had no reply from boost😡 im disabled and need hot water, but meter just reads vend mode, tried code no luck, aab no luck, please help i'm at the end of my tether 😫
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my supply has switched over to boost today with me be informed i had £17 credit on gas meter and £23 yesterday now i have no supply at all.. i have no cards to top up and no account to do anything.
ive had no contact since sign up which was 3 weeks ago i was also told i would be added to priority list as i have a son with disabilities i only switched because of been told u give extra help to people with needs i wish i hadn’t bothered switching i can’t phone customer care as my home phone is electric
I have topped up 18 pound on the boost card yet its not working and now im left wiv no gas
Hi so I spoke to boost this morning 9am and was told an engineer would be out to put a new meter in as old one is not communicating by 12pm. It’s now 1:30pm no engineer no gas and no phone number to contact anyone...tried the 0800 111 999 they said I need to speak to boost
I have lost my Gas top up card, have nothing with the card number on and offices now closed until Monday morning. My supply is off and have used my emergency credit but have 2 young babies so therefore need my supply bk on ASAP. What can I do?

I have just moved into property recently, my smart meter is displaying my balance with supply off, however my meter outside is displaying vend mode, when i attempt to type the vend code in it gets rejected. I have no idea what to do as i need gas for my 5 month old baby and the helpline is closed today. 

I have lost my payment card and have no electric on
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Hey @Sineadmcpartland 


I’ve moved your query here to help get you the answer you need.


Check out the best answer by @mattj3135 above.


Hope this helps,

my app isnt showing how to get credit before my pay date on the 3rd april and my emergancy 24hrs has run out. Ive tried emails twice and cant get through on the phone...what do i do please?


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Hey @Barribal1986,

I’ve moved your post over here where you can find more info on off supply issues.


Hi I’ve topped up a huge amount and my electric won’t xome on? My gas has
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Hi @Rebecca13

I've moved your topic here to hopefully help you with your off supply issue.

Check out @mattj3135's best answer above to know exactly what to do!

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Hey @Nicki jones, has this been sorted?
The battery on my gas meter (not a smart meter) has died and boost are not open now til Monday and can't afford an engineer cost myself and letting agent not open til Monday either but got two young kids and no heating or hot water? Please help
Do I still get supplied by boost even if I dont have a smart meter? I have already switched over and I put £10 credit on my account however my electricity has gone off and I don't know what to do. I am having my smart meter installed next thursday but what happens until then?
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Hey @Amywhalley92!

I've moved your question to this topic to help you get the answers you need!

Check out the best answer above and let us know how you get on.