I'm off supply - can you help?

  • 1 January 2018
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Hi @Nicki jones - I'm not sure what you mean here. Can you let us know if you still need assistance with this or has it been resolved?
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Hi @Lucyloo - I've moved your post over here where you can find more info on what to do if you meters disconnect.
I have switched to you today and when putting 20 on my card it has given me 480 electric and no gas
My house just went dead a hour an half ago can’t get thro to boost I’m disabled and hav no electricity or gas an I’m a new customer only just been transferred over
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Sorry to hear you couldn't reach anyone @Cutlerkel

If this hasn't been resolved and you're off supply, it's important you call our Customer Care team as soon as possible on 0330 102 7517.

Our opening hours are:
8am-6pm Monday-Fridays
9am-1pm Saturdays

Hi I’ve just tried to contact boost as a matter of emergency but can’t speak to anyone coz the offices are now closed. There isn’t even an emergency number I can contact, the problem is I now have no gas or heating which means I can’t cook for my children including my 3 year old and the house is constantly cold! Does anyone know of an emergency number I can contact please? It’s christmas in 2 days and it’s looking like I can’t even cook Christmas dinner 😢
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@DianeNorman please see the 'best answer' for this. You'll need to call us directly for help: 0330 102 7517
I have lost my payment card and have no electric on
Hi Ash and Sandra - thanks for getting involved on the forum! I’ve moved your queries over to an existing off supply topic.

Our opening hours have changed slightly. Our Customer Care team are now available Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm.

@Ashbob - has an engineer been out to your property yet? If not, please give us another call as soon as possible on 0330 102 7517.

@Sandra120869 - Our Twitter and Facebook team can help with replacing lost key/cards during Saturday and Sunday daytime, but can’t always guarantee an immediate response. If you’re still off supply, please call us as soon as possible on the number above.
I have lost my Gas top up card, have nothing with the card number on and offices now closed until Monday morning. My supply is off and have used my emergency credit but have 2 young babies so therefore need my supply bk on ASAP. What can I do?
Hi so I spoke to boost this morning 9am and was told an engineer would be out to put a new meter in as old one is not communicating by 12pm. It’s now 1:30pm no engineer no gas and no phone number to contact anyone...tried the 0800 111 999 they said I need to speak to boost
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I have topped up 18 pound on the boost card yet its not working and now im left wiv no gas

Hi @Becky12341,

I've moved your post over here where you can find information on what to do if you're off supply.

I have topped up 18 pound on the boost card yet its not working and now im left wiv no gas
That's really not good to hear, @LiAnNe

I've moved your query over to this already existing off supply topic. If you're still of supply, check out the link in the best answer at the top.

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my supply has switched over to boost today with me be informed i had £17 credit on gas meter and £23 yesterday now i have no supply at all.. i have no cards to top up and no account to do anything.
ive had no contact since sign up which was 3 weeks ago i was also told i would be added to priority list as i have a son with disabilities i only switched because of been told u give extra help to people with needs i wish i hadn’t bothered switching i can’t phone customer care as my home phone is electric
Hi @vikingdave

I'm sorry to hear you're off supply. I've moved your query over to an existing off supply topic. Please check out the link in Matt's message for more help.

how can i get my gas back on, been trying for 4 days now had no reply from boost😡 im disabled and need hot water, but meter just reads vend mode, tried code no luck, aab no luck, please help i'm at the end of my tether 😫
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Hey @Clarekerr76

I just want to check in with you to make sure this was resolved?

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**UPDATED on 16/07/2019**

Hi @Clarekerr76 thank you for posting.

The contact number to use is: 0330 102 7517

Have you checked out this page page for help when off supply or in an emergency?

if your are already calling the right team, please bare with them!
Hope youre back on supply soon