I'm off supply and the engineer hasn't turned up - What do I do next?

  • 19 December 2020
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I’ve been waiting for an engineer for 3 hours and nobody’s turnt up

i’m without heating or hot water on a Saturday night and now it’s closed and can’t get through!

this is absolutely ridiculous me and my daughter are frozen! 



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Hey @DI92, I’m sorry the engineer didn’t turn up in the standard time frame, I hope you’ve managed to get this sorted now.


If your engineer doesn’t turn up during the given timeframe of 3-4 hours, it’s best to get back in touch with us straight away, so we can chase this up for you. It’s best to call us on 0330 102 7517 to get an immediate response, but if the wait times are long, you can also send us a message to our Facebook or Twitter pages whilst you wait.


The team are available 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday, and 9am  5pm Saturdays, but here’s a link to a useful topic on what to do when you have an emergency situation over the weekend.


Depending on the reason behind the engineer failing to turn up during the timeframe, you may also be entitled to a £30 compensation. This is due to a regulation called the Guaranteed Standards Of Performance (GSOP). So if you do end up having to wait longer than usual, don’t forget to request this one.




I'm off supply and the engineer has not turned up. I have 4 children and a premature twins at home freezing in this weather, I can contact via phone or Facebook or twitter because they all stop operating after 5pm. Im absolutely disgusted.

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Did the meter stop working after 5pm, @N.S? That’s rotten timing on a Sunday. I really hope everyone at the home managed OK the night without the gas appliances…..


Did you get an engineer visit today?

I’m truly appalled by Tim’s sarcastic reply there; how mean and very unnecessary!

I have a young child and am currently freezing as Boost are useless and have no 24 hour emergency number (my gas meter decided to die tonight and yes shocking after 5pm!!). I have a young child in the house as well as a disabled individual; and in this weather the entire house is FREEZING without my GAS HEATING being on (clearly tho Tim is above us all and can survive in this weather with no hot water and heating whilst looking after a young child and disabled individual...*edited by mod*

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I very much am not being sarcastic, @Lilloki - that would be cruel and unprofessional. Sarcasm when in written form is very difficult to detect which is why I stay well clear of it. 


I would feel deeply aggrieved if I was off supply without any means of getting help. As it happens Boost offers emergency support 7 days a week, and we’re trialing being open for emergencies late into the night, each night. That’s not to say we weren’t open when you needed us, or that we can’t do more, but my comment above relates to the fact that if you detect a fault or go off supply when Boost are shut, it's bad and unlucky timing. 


For the moment, we’ve made a topic guide on what to do if you have an emergency on the weekend: