I'm not at home and self isolating due to COVID - can I top up over the phone to add credit and avoid going off supply?

  • 16 January 2021
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Hello, due to the national lockdown, I am in a dilemma. I am not currently at my home address, and I'm not able to travel back given the restrictions, and I am isolating due to a family member having the virus. My gas/electric will need topping up, emergency credit only allows for £5 on the electric meter, and if it gets past this point, I run the risk of my fridge defrosting/leaking. 


Is there any way that I would be able to top up over the phone with a customer advisor, while not being able to physically take my key card to a PAYG point?




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Hi @Dweller and thanks for posting. 


What a difficult, tricky and awkward situation you’re in. Others are in I'm sure. What a difficult time this is for everyone!


In terms of getting credit onto your meters, it does depend on your meter type. 


I’m going to assume you’re not on a smart meter, otherwise I’d say yes: top up via the app. 


If you have traditional meters, it’s just not possible to complete a remote top up. 


My advice would be to get someone to go to a PayPoint on your behalf, with the top up key and card, add credit, go back to your house to transfer this onto the meters, and with the usage being presumably very low, this should last the full period of self isolation. 


It’s a really tricky call to make, so please review our COVID topping up FAQs for anything you might not be aware of, here