How can I have a bill of over £1000 when I haven't switched?

  • 24 March 2018
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Ovo changed me to Boost-your choice not mine now they send me a bill for over £1000???
I'm on a prepayment meter so how can i owe that much

4 replies

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Hi @rachy19 thanks for posting!

Sorry to hear of this situation you've found yourself in, it's not good to hear!

My first piece of advice would be to reach out to the Boost customer care team, either via social media, email or phone and ask them to explain the situation to you and if necessary investigate your account and the Bill accordingly.

When you contact Boost please have your account number and other account details to hand.

Please let us know how you get on once you've reached out to the team.
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As a pre-payment customer, you shouldn't have received a bill @rachy19 as you pay for your energy as you go. Were you sent this bill via email or is this an estimated bill that you're seeing displayed on your In Home Display (IHD)?

@mattj3135 is right though - it might be best to contact our Customer Care team so that they can help further.


Ive recieved an email bill for gas and electricity with account number but I haven't switched and my old supplier is still taking monthly payments?
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@Liamknightx If you're paying monthly, then you should be with our parent company, OVO Energy. Here's a link to their forum, you should be able to get more info there!