Gas Metre

  • 5 April 2022
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absolutely at my wits end with this please can someone help something is not right I have put the following on my gas meter and I have NOT LET IT GO ON EMERGENCY 

Friday 1st April £15.00

Saturday morning that had run off so I went and put another £15.00 Sunday morning this had run off so went and put £10.00 that’s £40 then Monday we had a problem with meter so an engineer came out and put the emergency on it’s now Tuesday morning and I have just put £20 please please can someone help me I can’t afford this I will have to look at moving suppliers if nobody gets back to me I have 4 children  I can’t do this 

1 reply

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I’m so sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve experienced with regular top-ups needed over the weekend, @Joanneshazza.


As you mention an issue with your meter requiring an engineers visit, I’d recommend checking in with our Support Team who can help check that you meter is calculating your energy usage correctly.


Aside from an meter issues, due to the change to the price cap on April 1st, your energy charges have increased. We appreciate that these price changes can be worrying so we’ve put together some additional support and advice here.


I hope this helps in some way.