Balance on screen: Am I in credit?

  • 31 October 2019
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We've recently moved into a rented property.

We discovered a debt if £71.97 on the gas meter,which I've spoken to customer service several times and was hoping we were getting it sorted .

I've attached  a pic of the first screen on the meter.

It's an old meter not a smart meter

Can anyone tell me does this mean we are  £48.70 in credit ,or are we still on a deficit.

It's confusing me because it says 

Emergency credit used

Help please




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Hey @Kt136 ,

I’ve made some very slight changes to your question, just so its easier to find for other users and it may help someone else!


I’m happy to say that it appears the debt removal looks like its worked and you’re now in a credit balance. You’d usually see a message like ‘debt’ or ‘owed’ showing to indicate its a negative balance.

The ‘EmCr Used’ message is a bit of an odd thing, but sometimes when the key/card is entered in the meter it’s signalling that it has been activated. This just means the emergency credit will come on as soon as you go into negative numbers.


If you need anything else, just reach out!




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thanks , we need to know as we had a gas engineer coming to the boiler , and didnt want to look ‘stupid ‘ and be told the reason it didnt work was we had no credit !:joy: .. anyway we took the plunge , and i also received a reply from your facebook page .. and all is now well …..thanks alot x