What's the difference between PAYG+ and Smart PAYG Standard and which one's right for me?

  • 18 September 2017
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We offer you two ways to Pay as you go with a smart meter: Smart PAYG Standard and PAYG+. Whichever you choose, you pay the same price for your energy, and you’ll get a state-of-the-art smart meter that automatically logs every top-up you make.


With PAYG+ you use a single card to top up both your gas and your electricity. You can still top up by going to a PayPoint, but you’ll also be able to top up your smart meters anytime, anywhere online or via the app. All you need is a bank card and email address. With PAYG+ you can also:

- Use our app to see how long you’ve got until you next need to top up – so there’s no need to go to your meter to find out.
- Set rolling top-ups – you can schedule automatic card payments to top up your credit on a regular date. Just go online or to the app and press Schedule.
- Set auto top-ups so payments go out when your credit falls to a certain level, to make sure you never go off supply unexpectedly.
- Get reminders to alert you by text or email when your credit is running low.
- There’s 24 hours e-credit on each meter in case you run out.
- There’s no need to have In-Home Display (IHD) with PAYG+, as you can manage your costs and usage on your My OVO page or via our app.

If you’ve got our smart meters set up on the smart PAYG standard option, you can upgrade to PAYG+ at any time. This will take the team around 3 working days to get done.

If you're switching to Boost with PAYG+ or you've chosen PAYG+ when getting your smart meter fitted, it will take 72 hours for us to create your PAYG+ account from your switching date/meter fitting date. Until then you won't be able to log in, and won't need to top up. We will email you when this process is done.

💳Smart PAYG Standard

If you don’t have a bank card or email address, choose Smart PAYG Standard and use a prepayment card for each meter to top up at your local PayPoint.

Your credit will go onto the meters automatically after topping up at a PayPoint and you get £5 emergency credit on each meter instead of that 24 hour non disconnect period.

You’ll also get an In Home Display (IHD) to help you see how much energy you’re using, see how much credit you have, and set targets according to £, kWh or CO2.

Comment below if you still have some questions about these two smart PAYG options!

*Update - 11/07/2019 - All information correct and up to date*

10 replies

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With the smart meters do you now get £10 emercy credit for each electric and gas meters
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With the smart meters do you now get £10 emercy credit for each electric and gas meters

Hey Ginger545,

I've moved your comment over here as you should be able to find the answer to your question above. :)

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How much do we pay for our PAYG Smart Meter
How much do we pay for our PAYG Smart Meter

Good question @Jane - both the smart meter and the installation itself is free of charge. We offer our PAYG customers the same rates - regardless of whether their meters are smart or traditional. ^Emily
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Im a new PAYG+ customer as of a few weeks ago, was sent a card for the gas and a card for the electric didn't relaise this was wrong as have very little guidence from Boost through any of this, topped up using both which worked.
I'm now getting low on electric so went to put on the emergency to save a sunday evening drive in the rain to the shop, When using the alert on the IHD it comes up rejected and the wifi icon is now crossed out so went outside copying a guide i found online "push 7 and A" this also doesn't work,
my online account just says "we need to ask more questions before we can install your smart meter" both of which were installed weeks ago and if I try to log in to the app which I have just downloaded now it wont go beyond the login screen.

All in all if i wasn't now planning on moving home soon I wouldn't be sticking with boost but for now I just want to know how I can avoid running out of electric without trying to find an open paypoint shop near me on a sunday evening completly defeating the point of me having the smart meters installed in the first place.
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I've moved your question over here, @dan.online.

It sounds like you've been set up as Smart PAYG Standard, and not PAYG+ -which will explain why your app isn't working.

Don't worry we can get this sorted for you, just decide how you'd like to manage your account - then drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter confirming your name, DoB and full address.

Alternatively just email the team on hello@boostpower.co.uk.

I’ve just opened my account with boost and had smart metre installed but can’t find any options to top up online
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I’ve just opened my account with boost and had smart metre installed but can’t find any options to top up online

It sounds like your account isn't set up as PAYG+, @Dehonysus. Take a look at this topic for more advice.

If you'd like the app set up, send the team a message on Facebook with your name, DoB and full address.
Hi have smart metre and also received the card , i want to register on the app so i can top . please help.


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I've moved your post here, @Ruqiya, it sounds like you may need to upgrade to PAYG+. There is a lot of handy info above to help you decide if it sounds like something you'd benefit from.

If you'd like to proceed with the upgrade, please give our team a call on: 0330 102 7517 - they're available Monday-Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am-1pm, they'll get this done for you.