What can I use my Pipet 500 In Home Display (IHD) for?

  • 29 January 2018
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If you’ve got a smart meter with Boost, you’ll be on either Smart PAYG Standard, or PAYG+. The features available on the Pipet 500 IHD will be different, depending on which one you’ve gone for.

For PAYG+ you can use the Pipet 500 to:
  • See your live usage,
  • See how much energy has been used in hours, days, weeks or months,
  • Set cost, energy and CO2 targets.
For Smart PAYG Standard you can use the Pipet 500 for all of the features listed above and to:
  • View your meter's credit balance
  • Warn you when you’re low on credit
  • Manually add credit from an unsuccessful top up (via a VEND code from the top up receipt)
  • Activate your £5 emergency credit
As you can see, the IHD is best suited for Smart PAYG Standard customers. Boost+ customers have their prepayment information online and via the app.

Comment below for more information, and one of our lovely forum users will help you out!

*Updated 18/07/2019 - All info updated and correct*

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