How to activate your emergency credit on Smart PAYG Standard

  • 23 April 2018
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**UPDATED on 16/07/2019**

If you've run out of credit with Smart PAYG Standard and you can’t top it up straight away, you'll want to activate your emergency credit. With Smart PAYG Standard, you’ll see a low balance on your meter or In Home Display (IHD), as well as a red light on your IHD. On the IHD, press the ‘E Credit’ button to get your emergency credit. Then the balance will count down to £0 from £5. giving you enough time to get to a PayPoint before it runs out. More info on this process here

2 replies

I have just activated my key in the meter took to the shop put on £5 it has nearly all come off as I forgot I was in emergency with old company. How can I put emergency on with new key?
Hey @Ecadd - just check out Tim's post above for help!