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Winter Wallet FAQ

  • 17 April 2019
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Winter Wallet FAQ
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Update 21/04/2020 - The Winter Wallet is open again for 2020! Jump onto your app to set this up on your account, and you’ll start saving now for the winter!


Here's a little more detail on this year's updated version of the Winter Wallet!

Will the Winter Wallet be available to all customers?
We’re launching to a smaller number of customers for the first week (from Friday 12th April). After this time, the Winter Wallet will be available to all smart PAYG+ customers in the PAYG+ app. Customers with a traditional meter or using Smart Standard can’t set up a Winter Wallet.

Will there be a deadline for customers to opt in?
No - you can opt in whenever you want. We want to encourage customers to start as soon as they can so they have longer to save for winter and more chances to win prizes.

Will I be able to change their target once I have set it up?
Yes. You can change the target at any time and this doesn’t affect your entry to prize draws. The minimum target is £50.

Can I withdraw my savings to my bank account?
This isn’t possible at the moment, so any savings in your Winter Wallet can only be transferred to your energy balance.

Is my money safe and secure?
Your money is held securely and we always keep full records of transactions, so in the unlikely event something did go wrong, we’ll know exactly what you had in your Winter Wallet and energy balance.

How will I know if I've won a Prize Draw?
You can check the Winter Wallet each month to see if you're a winner.

What happens if I win a prize?
You can keep each cash prize stored in the Winter Wallet or transfer it straight into the main balance. Any prizes you win won't count towards the Winter Wallet savings target.

Can I cancel the Winter Wallet if I didn't mean to sign up to it?
Customers can't cancel their Winter Wallet, but if they no longer want to participate, then they can leave it paused.

What happens if I leave Boost?
If you leave us, you’ll get any savings in your Winter Wallet back along with any credit left on your main balance.

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*01/11/2019* FYI everyone,  The Winter Wallet savings period ended today so, see this topic for more info!

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*01/11/2019* FYI everyone,  The Winter Wallet savings period ended today so, see this topic for more info!

Be good if i could access it!!! 

How do you transfer onto your balance pls 

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Hey @Mycake and @Faircl49 ,


We had some technical issues on Friday 01/11/2019 with customers being able to transfer their Winter Wallet balances across to their main balances. This was finally resolved by the end of the day.


Can you confirm if you’ve managed to get yours now?




Hi there, how do I get what was left in my winter wallet from last year? 

ive selected the wallet but it’s only giving information for this year 


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Hi @Donname,

If you had any balance in your Winter Wallet left from saving up between May and November 2019, the left over credit was automatically moved onto your main balance on Friday 28th February when the Winter Wallet closed.

Check your topup history for this transaction. If you can’t see it, pop us a message on Facebook and we can double check for you.