Why has my IHD not worked since my smart meters were fitted?

  • 19 April 2020
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My new meters were fitted on the 23/03 and since day two my IHD has not worked, after contacting Boost i was told to move it closer to the meter which is electric outside, gas inside this is all very well as now it works, but “In The Bedroom” I don’t want it in the bedroom, I want it in the kitchen where I can see it at a glance, any better ideas from Boost ?

Also since day one when I look at the online app to see how much money I have used, apparently none as the figure is still the same and has not reduced at all, which is incorrect, and thoughts Boost ?.


1 reply

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Hi @Seano,

If you've got a PAYG+ account then everything is done online. The In-Home Display (IHD) is designed to work with smart meters where customers don't wish to have an online account. Also, just for extra info, the signal between the IHD and the meter depends on where you meter is, so if your meter in in the bedroom unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about about the location. The IHD would need to be near the electricity meter to maintain signal.

As you've got access to the app and website, all the useful information which would usually be on the IHD is shown online instead. This includes your daily, weekly and monthly usage, a history of your top ups and your current balance. 

If your balance hasn’t updated, check out this topic for more info on why this may be happening.

Hope this helps!