Why does my debit card keep declining on the app?

  • 31 March 2020
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After using my debit card to top up my electric for the last year, a week ago it kept on declining…!!!

i have contacted my bank and they said that it was strange as there was no issues at there end...?

i have deleted my card details and then reentered my card details hoping this might resolve it but without success..

I am having to transfer money to my wife’s card to top up the electric..!

has anybody have any idea how I can resolve this problem…

would b

1 reply

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Hi @Gloverlover63,

Sorry to hear about this. 

Without looking into your account it’s difficult to say why this is happening. 

Due to high contact volumes at the moment we’d advise against calling the team unless it’s an emergency. However, you can message us on Facebook or Twitter with your account number, (or address and post code), full name and DoB and we can look into this for you.