What happens after my smart meter is fitted?

  • 16 April 2018
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Updated on 21/05/2020 - There’s another great topic on this here

We will need up to 72 hours to set things up, after the meters have been fitted.

If you’ve gone with PAYG+ you will get an email with your login details once your online account is up and running. For Smart PAYG Standard you will see your live credit balance on the In Home Display (or on Screen 7 on the meter) once everything's ready. Any time between the meter fitting date and the date that things are ready for you to top up, your meters will be in a non disconnecting ‘credit’ setting.

You can find out lots more about topping up with our Boost pay as you go app here!

Your PAYG+ card (or your gas and electricity card for Smart PAYG Standard) will either arrive in the post before the meter fitting, or the engineer should have them to hand to give you. If you haven’t got these within 72 hours of the meter fitting date, give us a call: 0330 102 7517.

9 replies

Have new meter over 5days...cant log into account..as cusm advice said it it was new and 2 wait 48hrs..then another 48hrs and still nothg..meters now saying I'm running low..as a single dad of 6 kids can afford for it 2 go off....please get my account working so I can top up..thanks
Does anyone reply 2 these mesg...come on please need help
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Have new meter over 5days...cant log into account..as cusm advice said it it was new and 2 wait 48hrs..then another 48hrs and still nothg.

See above @Gary ward for info on the process. I'm guessing this is all up and running by now. How long did it take in the end?
Hi, can anyone tell me how I find out how much credit I have remaining on my Smart Meter. This is for PAYG. Many thanks

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Hi @tedddyangel1968,

I've moved your question to this existing topic as it will help you figure out where you need to look for your up to date balance.

Hope this helps,
I got a smart meter fitted last month for both supplies. First time I've gone to use my electric card and the pay point is excepting the card but not a payment? The website says to insert card in the meter but there is no slot to do so, even got my friend to help. I need to top up ASAP please please advise as soon as possible thank you
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Hey @Kookyfairies81,

I've moved your topic to this existing content to try and help you resolve your issue. Please check out @Tim_Boost's best answer for information on the potential way you've been set up after having your smart meter installed.

It would be great if you could let us know how you get on!

I ended up ringing boost three times to rectify the problem,. The company had a different number on their system than in the top-up card I was issued. I was disconnected on the first call, told wrong information on the second, third I finally got through to someone who actually helped. My supply went off and still waiting to top-up but they have put my electric on till I can. I'm not a happy customer. I had a funeral I had to miss because of this and seem to only have had to make constant calls to boost over the past two months with problems. To save myself future stress I've changed supplier today. I have a busy life and don't have time to repeatedly chase boost for problems to be rectified.
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I'm really sorry to hear that, @Kookyfairies81