SMETS2 How To - Reconnect the Meters

  • 12 March 2020
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SMETS2 How To - Reconnect the Meters
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Another improvement in SMETS2 meters is the reconnection process, it’s even more simple to get your energy back on when it’s been disconnected.


For electricity


Once you’ve topped up and your balance goes back into the positive, your meter will be remotely told to get ready to be reconnected. The screen will then say Relay Armed. Please press buttons A&B to reconnect’. Hold A + B for up to 10 seconds, and you’ll be connected again!


Please note: The IHD may briefly show a message saying that £1 has been added. Don’t worry, this doesn’t reflect the amount you’ve topped up, this is just something the meter needs to do to get back on supply.


For gas


After the top-up that puts you into credit, press any button to wake the meter up, and start the reconnection. The meter is then going to do its safety measures to make sure it’s safe to allow gas into the property. Once all checks have been done, you’ll be back on supply. If the screen goes off before you’re back on, press any button again to wake it up, which will speed up the process.

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