Smart PAYG+ Upgrade FAQ

  • 26 June 2019
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Here you’ll find all about how we upgrade accounts from PAYG Standard/ traditional meters to PAYG+.

This includes what you can expect, useful links and of course FAQs that we get regularly from customers.

Firstly, What is Smart PAYG+?

Smart PAYG+ is for customers who have smart meters and want to have the ability to top up:
  • Online / through the smartphone app
  • Via SMS
  • At the Paypoint
You can also
  • Check your credit on the go, see your top up history and a breakdown of your daily, weekly and monthly usage.
  • Receive text and/or email alerts when you’re balance is running low.
  • Set auto-top ups and rolling top-ups, so your account can manage itself
  • Have just one smart payment card for both meters.
We have another topic with more details about the difference between PAYG+ and PAYG Standard here.

How can I upgrade my account?

You’ll need to have a bank card, email address and smartphone (to download the app) to be able to benefit from PAYG+.

You can either let the Customer Care team know by giving them a call on 0330 102 7517, they’re here Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, or you can pop them an email at hello@boostpower.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can pop the social media team a message on Facebook or Twitter, just be sure to include your full name, DoB, account number and/or full address.

I’ve requested an upgrade, now what happens?

1. Your upgrade will take around 3-5 working days to be completed.
On your IHD (In Home Display), you’ll see it’ll change from prepayment mode to credit mode.

Credit mode means you’ll have an ongoing supply of gas and electricity until your account has been set up.

2. Next, you’ll receive an email with your login details. Always be sure to check your junk/spam mail, sometimes they can filter through there.

Your email address will be your user name, you’ll just need to set a password to login, the email you receive will have a link to do this.

3. We’ll also send you a new black energy payment top up card, this will take 5 working days to arrive, and you’ll be able to use this at the PayPoint to top up both your supplies.

Why does my IHD not show any account info?

PAYG+ takes all of the prepayment features away from your meters (and the IHD which links with them) and puts them online instead.

Why does my account say “Can’t Connect to Meter”?

When you login for the first time you may notice a message to say your online account can’t connect to your meter, this is normal. It’s just in the final stages of syncing together, and usually disappears around 24-48 hours after you’ve first logged in!

What happened to my credit on my meter before I upgraded?

We’ll transfer this credit on to your single wallet balance within 72 hours of your upgrade.

If you were in a negative balance before we started the upgrade, we’ll add the amount on as a debt with a repayment rate of 50p a day.

What happens if my account isn't ready after 3-5 working days?

Sometimes when we upgrade customers to PAYG+, it unfortunately doesn't always go to plan and the accounts get stuck. You may see things like "email and password doesn't exist" but still receive a text to say your balance is running low. Don't worry if this happens, it's something our Tech team can get sorted, you'll just need to give the Customer Care team a call on 0330 102 7517, or pop the social media team a message on Facebook or Twitter. They can pass this to them and get the issue resolved within 10 working days.

How can I top up or see my balance while my account gets fixed?

You can still top up, you'll just need to pop to the PayPoint with your black energy payment card whilst we get it sorted.
Unfortunately you won't be able to check your balance, but you'll receive a text when your balance is below £5 and again if you enter your non-disconnect period.

Alternatively, some customers may feel more comfortable having their meters changed back to PAYG Standard whilst the Tech team work their magic!

When can I start topping up?

As soon as you’re able to log in you can register your bank card and top up through the app, or at the PayPoint with your top up card.

Why can’t I top up my gas and electricity separately?

You’ll now have a joint credit balance, we refer to this as a single wallet. Instead of topping up each individually you top up your account, which puts credit onto both meters at the same time.

We’ll collect a reading at midnight and deduct usage you’ve used that day. We’ll remove this off your balance, and you’ll be able to see how much you’ve spent in your “usage” section.

Do I still get emergency credit?

Unlike PAYG Standard, where you receive £5 emergency credit, you’ll get a 24 hour non-disconnect period.

This means as soon as your balance reaches £0 you’ll have 24 hours to top up before your supply is disconnected. You’ll receive an email/text to let you know your balance is running low, and when you’ll need to top up your account by.

Our non-disconnect time frames apply to all smart customers (not just PAYG+):
The latest non disconnect periods are:
  • 16:00 to 10:00 Monday to Friday
  • All weekend from 16:00 Friday until 10:00 Monday (extended over bank holidays)
What other benefits can you receive from having PAYG+?

We’ve recently introduced two great new features to PAYG+ which customers are loving right now!

The Winter Wallet scheme, where you can start saving ready for those colder months.

And our emergency boost credit, so when money is a little tight and you can’t top up for a few days, you can add a loan on to your account. This will automatically be added with a repayment rate of 50p a day.

You can find more details about both of these here:
Winter Wallet
Emergency Boost

5 replies

I'm having nothing but problems with this company, and I'm almost angry beyond words.
After having the gas supply shut off last weekend, I FINALLY had an engineer come over and install a smart meter 'as that's the only way to solve the problem'. I rang up Boost and requested a new top-up card as the engineer 'had to take the old one'. I asked Boost to send me some kind of leaflet/brochure explaining how to use the machine.
Card arrived on Friday, with a letter basically stating that's the top-up card, and to use it as I would the previous one.

idont even know how to check the balance on the machine; i do not have the 'app', and i am seriously considering changing supplier now as this is beyond ridiculous.

IF SOmeone could get back to me with some practical advice it'd be appreciated. Ie, how to use the machine, how to get the card working, and also what happened to the £5 credit i topped up last week as it was not put on the meter!
Had my smart meter fitted Thursday, was meant to receive an. Email with password to log into app (ideal.... I need to top up!!) as yet no email..... Help!
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Hi @Rize & @Carly ,

Sorry to hear about the issues and lack of information you've been given since you've been upgraded to smart prepayment.

I've moved your question to this existing topic to give you an outline of how the new PAYG+ account and system works.

If you had any credit on your old traditional meters when the smart meters were installed, this should be moved across to your new meters within 7 days.

You'll need to download the Boost app on whatever mobile device app store you own, and then you can monitor your balance and usage going forward.

Hope this helps,
I want activate the app and the account as well but the token is invalid
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Take a look at this topic, @Tomas21, this will have all the info you need on getting set up on our app.