S2 How To - Take a Reading

  • 10 March 2020
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S2 How To - Take a Reading
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As a pay as you go customer, it’s highly unlikely you’re ever going to need to take a reading from your meter, but let’s kick off the ‘SMETS2 How To’ series with a simple one, and tell you how to get a reading.


To take an electricity reading:


Press A - The screen will say 'TOU rate 1', which will be the electricity reading. If you have an economy 7 meter, 'TOU rate 2' will show the rate 2 reading.


Please note: Sometimes, the buttons aren’t labelled. If that's the case, A is the top button B is the bottom.


To take a gas reading:.


The gas meter has the buttons A, B and C. (C is the options and A & B are to scroll through). When you wake up the meter, it should automatically default to the reading screen.


We’ll be doing a range of S2 related topics, to give you all the info you need on these new meters! If you have any specific requests or S2 queries, drop ‘em in a comment below!

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