S2 How To - Add a Top-Up via your Electricity Meter

  • 11 March 2020
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S2 How To - Add a Top-Up via your Electricity Meter
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So, you need to add a manual top-up to your S2 electricity meter. How do you do this?

Follow this step by step guide and you’ll be topped up in no time!


  1. Press the A button until you get an option that says ‘Enter Top Up Code’. Press and hold the A button to select this option.


  1. You will see a screen of 0s, which you need to amend to input the code
  2. Press A to cycle through the digits until you find the one you need, then you press B to lock this into place (see below). After pressing B to lock a number in place, it will move over to the next digit until all have been entered.



  1. Once all entered the meter will ask you to press and hold B to confirm the code. The screen will then show the following ‘Top Up accepted’ message to let you know it worked!


Anything we’ve missed? Have you got any questions about this topic? Sound off below!

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