My smart meters have been installed - what happens now?

  • 11 February 2019
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Updated on 21/05/2020


Before the engineer has installed your brand new shiny smart meters, they’ll make a note of the credit left on the old meters. Don’t worry - you won’t lose the credit on the old meters, but it can take up to 5 working days to be added to your smart meter balance.

By the time the meters have been installed, you should be able to log into your online account. You’ll need to create a password first of all, which you can do here.

When you first log into the app it’ll show a £0.00 balance and say ‘Can’t connect to your meter’. Don’t panic - this is completely normal! It can take up to 48 hours for us to pick up communication with your smart meters and link them to your My Boost account. This won’t stop you from topping up though, so if you want to get ahead of the game I’d recommend topping up as soon as you can so there’s credit in the account waiting.

Your supply won’t disconnect during the time it takes us to gain communication with the meters as they’ll be in a non-disconnect mode. As soon as we’ve added the meters to your My Boost account, you’ll receive an email from us advising that your account is ready to go and it’s time to top up.

You’ll need to register a bank card to your My Boost account before you can make your first top-up online. You’ll need to do this on a web browser, but once a bank card has been registered you’ll be able to top up from the app.

It’ll be plain sailing after this point!

16 replies

Ive just had a smart meter fitted i downloaded the app to top up online but i didnt sign up having an email address or password how do i set one up please?
Hi. Have have used my Emergency credit for my gas but I am due a smart meter install tomorrow. What happens?
Okay so on Friday I had both my electric and gas meters replaced for smart meters, a couple of days before that I had an email saying download the app before your smart meters are fitted which I did, the app was showing zero balance and there was an option to add a debit card but I got told not to do this until the smart meters were set up since having the smart meters fitted the app is just saying you’re smart meters are due to be installed on Fridays date I have now pressed the button to say they have been fitted yet the app still won’t work I have rang boost approximately 10 times about this and now they are telling me it may take up to Five days to get this sorted I am seriously considering going back to British Gas
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Hi @Woodland and @Locky1935 - just moved your posts over here. More info above!
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Hi @wayne10mufc - do you have smart meters? If so, they won't be disconnected until 10am after your emergency runs out.

More information on what happens next above ^
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I have just swapped over to Boost in the last week or so and have just had my new smart meters installed yesterday. I purposely didn’t top up last weekend with my old supplier so I could top up once meters were installed. I put £30 on my smart payment card and because my account isn’t yet set up I don’t know if that has loaded to my account. Don’t want to run out of credit and on my IHD screen it is showing that I am over budget. Please can someone help or explain? What is the budget display for?
thanks, Sam
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Hey @BartonSam - I've moved your post over here where you can find more info on what happens after you've had your smart meters fitted!
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Hi, just had a new smart meter yesterday, there was 18 pounds in credit, now ive got £4.00 and hardly been at the house, i've no way of topping up, havent been sent any email to tell me whats going on.....please help
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Hi @joninkettering,

I've moved your post over here where you can find more info on what happens after your smart meter installation.

Ovo man installed my smart meters for gas and electricity today.

He cheerfully told me I'd be on an unrestricted credit arrangement for 24 hours.

 My smart meter seems to be wildly inaccurate,  so I phoned the call centre and the lady said it would take 3-5 days for the meters to register with them. Oh, so  how can I top up after the 24 hours grace period, I ask? She says I can't.

I told her the man from Ovo told me to use the smart card to top up. She said he shouldn't have told me that because if the meters aren't registered yet, it's not possible to add credit to my account. (In a "Duh" tone of voice.)

Despite this, I've received an email warning me that my credit is low. That must have been sent by mistake, says call centre lady.

Meanwhile, I've had the heating on for an hour and the 'smart' display says I've spent £9.

That's about 3 days' worth with my previous supplier, so it's wildly inaccurate. Just ignore it, says the call centre lady.

Ominously, she asks me if I have any children under the age of 5. Almost as if she wants to make sure, just in case we happen to get cut off. Just in case.

Not going too well so far.

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@Seaside Jimmy I’ve moved your post over here, as you should be able to get all the right info here.


Whilst it can take up to 5 working days, it’s normally sorted in 2 days.


It’s annoying that you were given conflicting information. If you’d prefer, you could get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter, and we can have a look into this for you.


We ask about any vulnerabilities in the property as you may be eligible for additional services via the Priority Services Register (PSR).




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I had smart meters installed on the 17th, and was advised by a telephone agent that the £5.40 on my old electric meter and the £8.32 on the old gas meter would be transferred over within 3-5 days as above. No sign of it as of early last week so called back again and was told it would take up to 7 days from when my new account was created (as I moved into this property and used the existing card to top up while waiting to give keys back etc for my old house). I was advised to check on Friday last week and to call back if nothing had happened. Still no sign as of yesterday so called again and was told it was actioned Tuesday and should be there by midday yesterday. Feel like I'm being given the run around here tbh and am pretty certain my old credit has vanished into the ether. Any idea if there's anything I can do or should I give up? I'm going to be switching away anyway as I'd prefer direct debit / credit to prepay but still, an annoyance to be sure. 

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@benwissett that’s really annoying, it should be on there within a week.


I’d get in touch with us by calling 0330 102 7517, or sending us a message on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


At the end of the day, this credit is yours, so we need to get it added on for you!




I have a smart meter however if I top up there us nowhere to insert the card. I have called  10 times today over my account issue and now they are closed. I have put money on there but it doesn't have anything on the screens concerning topping up! I've push the a and b buttons but I cant work it out. Please help!!

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Hi @SaraH2070 


It sounds like you have a smart meter. Have a look at the top of this topic, with loads of info on what to do to get set up. 


If you don’t have smart meters or you need some account specific advice, drop our social media team a Facebook PM!