My Boost Top Up History - What will I see?

  • 9 June 2020
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My Boost Top Up History - What will I see?
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When you login to My Boost and click on the ‘Top up History’ tab, here’s what you’ll see:


Top up history

You’ll be greeted with a full history of all of your top up’s since the app was opened for you. You’ll see every date a top up reached your account, the type of top up (manual being topped up by you) and the amount the account was topped up by.

You can press the ‘Load more’ button if you’d like to see further historical dates and top up’s on your account.

If you see anything you’re unsure about, you can always reach out to the Boost team via Facebook or Twitter, or reach the team via email at: hello@boostpower.co.uk.

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