I'm switching to Boost with smart meters - what happens now?

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Updated on 23/09/2020 - Since this post, we've created an FAQ with a bit more info on the topic. You can see the updated topic here.



Once you’ve completed the sign up process over the phone or online, you’ll get a welcome pack via email which confirms your tariff, your expected supply start date, your personal and supply details and your cancellation period.

You will have 14 calendar days to change your mind about a move to Boost (from the day you sign up). Just let us know (by email or by phone) if anything confirmed in your welcome pack needs changing, or if you want the switch to Boost cancelled.

If you have smart meters (here’s a topic which advises you how to check),  you’ll get a card for electricity and a card for gas around the same time.

Your old supplier will put the meters into a non disconnecting ‘credit’ setting the day before your switch date. We will then take over the meters.

It takes us up to 72 hours from your supply start date to link up your top up cards with your smart meters. Your In Home Display and screen 7 on the meter’s display will show a credit balance when this is done.

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my switch over is 23/4/18 I currently have smart meters provided by Utilita I have been told I will receive a card and key for payments but can these be used in my meters? my installation date for smart meters from Boost is 31/5/18
with regards to this how can I top up within the 72 hours I don't want to run out of supply
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Hi @pmhunt thanks for posting, it takes 72 hours in most cases to set up your PAYG+ account, during this time your meters are in a credit mode to stop your supply being cut off during this process. You should receive an email once this is complete for you to begin using the app/website to manage your account.

If you do not have a top up card yet, you'll need to reach out to the lovely customer care team who'll send one out asap to you.

hope this helps
I have received a card, is it one card for covers elec and gas or do I need separate cards for each
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For PAYG+ you will be sent your one energy payment card in the post around your supply start date. For Smart PAYG Standard you’ll get a card for electricity and a card for gas around the same time.
Hope this helps! @pmhunt
I have just switched to Boost and was told when doing so EVERYTHING would be taken care of, I was concerned as I had just topped up my smart meter with my previous supplier and had around £30 on my meter. I was assured my balances would be switched over and I would have nothing to worry about.

My supplier has now changed and my balances have not. I dont have the money to top up further and I am being told my electricity and gas will be turned off tomorrow if I dont top up! How do I get my money back and how do I avoid being without power, like any other person I need my electricity and hot water. This is causing me uneeded stress and I cant find any contact details on the site!

What do i do? Honestly already considering returning to my previous supplier.
I've moved your query over to this topic, @Simonjamesh - check out the on-boarding process at the top.

You'll need to contact your old supplier to ask for a refund of the credit you lost when switching over.

Well i now dont have electricity or gas so have no means to phone my previous supplier!
I still havent even recieved any means to top up my account and i can only imgine a refund will take a week or so to be returned to me. How do i switch back to my previous supplier? Didnt change supplier to be cut off, still didnt even supply me with a cntact number for yourselves. Honestly infuriated having been lied to when switching and recieving almost no help to resolve my issue. What am i supposed to do with no electric or hot water?
As aforementioned i had asked about this and made aware i couldnt afford any more money this month outside of my current balances on my meter. How do you justify having told me my balances would switch if they werent going to! How am i supposed to top up when you dont provide me with the means to in the first place! What am i supposed to do with no electricity to power my phone or router. Counting down the minutes until my mobile dies.
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Hi @Simonjamesh,

I'm sorry to hear your meters went off during the transfer process. This certainly shouldn't happen during the first 72 hours, but there could be a number of reasons this happened.

You can call the team on 0330 102 7517. They'll be able to investigate and offer some help resolving this.

I would like to ask when will my account and meter be active
I've moved your query over here, @Manchester63 - check out the info at the top of this page!

ive Just applied for boost and I can’t log into app?
When I log in it jumps me back to log In page? Do I need to cancel before I’ve even joined???!!!
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Check out this topic @iEddyMorrison - it outlines the process for new customers signing up with a smart meter!
This doesn’t answer my question????? I can’t log into app?
Hey @iEddyMorrison - it sounds like we''ll need to take a closer look at this for you. I'd recommend dropping the team a PM via Facebook or Twitter with your full name, account number and DoB. Alternatively you can email us at hello@boostpower.co.uk.
hello hope u can help,
today I have properly switched to boost and have a card I need to activate but my last suplyer I was with installed a smart meter and I cant activate my new payment card,
Plus my electric has 1 day left (which am sure i had at least 4 days left) I have 3 dependents under 9 and am worried I'll have no electric tomorrow
please help
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@Gina Saunders check out the 'best answer' of this topic - it outlines the process for joining Boost with a smart meter ^
Got an email midnight saying boost were now supplying my electric. Midnight sat morning, but won't interupt my supply for a few days to cover me. No top up card yet but wasn't worried.
Just got an email saying I need to top up urgently as I have balance of zero.
No top up card? Call Customer services... but now closed till monday.
So my supply has gone live today on a saturday of all days and i cannot get any further on the app as i have a message saying switch on hold. My gas supply is off it's freezing and all the lines are closed all weekend and i dont know what to do it's the first time I've ever had an issue like this with any energy company 😞
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It sounds like you've got smart meters, @Elsie, so take a look through this topic for more information on what to expect when you switch.
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Our Customer Care team are available over the weekend, @Laycie7486. You'll just need to call 0330 102 7517, they're available 9am-1pm on Saturday and 8am-6pm weekdays.

If you're off supply, you'l need to contact the team ASAP to get this sorted.
Been with boost for nearly two weeks .. still cant get on the app or using laptop... have lost count how many times i have spoken to someone... dont see why i should have to do the running around.. dont know how much i have on meters cos yet again i have to ring up and find.. had smart meters put in cos it was handy being able to top up through an app.. bloody joke.. told boost if it carries on i want the meters to be removed only to be told i would have to pay!!! wish i never changed over to boost
Hi there. I had my new meters fitted a couple of days ago. According to the guidance, my account should be active by now (over 48hrs since installation) and i should be able to top up online.

When i log in to my account, it still says that my meters are due to be installed. I clicked the "installation completed" button as soon as my meters were fitted.

Any ideas? Is this normal?
I am changing to boost but have a smart meter not a key or card what do I do