I'm off supply and would like to make a complaint

  • 15 March 2020
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Join Boost for hassle-free prepaid gas and electricity for smart and traditional meters that doesn't tie you into a contract. Top up anywhere via our free app.’ - Is your opening line on google search and I can safely say our dealings with you have been the hardest part of moving house. This is going to be my third complaint logged against our account in less than a month and for that I am going to have to report you to the Energy Ombudsman.


I have complained once, when none of my questions were answered during the initial set up call – to that we were offered a £20 cheque which, by the way, never arrived.


I have complained earlier today because although our smart meters were put in place Thursday 27thFeb, the gas meter had ‘emergency credit’ on it. I topped up straight away by £20 as that was the whole idea behind us using a pay as you go service. The smart meter said that we had to top up by a minimum of £25.00 so today, I topped up by another £50.00 in order to clear the existing charges – that should never happened anyway due to my initial £20.00 top up. Since then you have turned off my gas supply and my boiler function.


I have contacted you today and spoken to a young man who arranged an emergency appointment for us between the times of 12:17 and 3:17pm. It’s now 4.33pm and I have had neither sight nor sound of any engineer. I am absolutely outraged. The man on the phone told me we shouldn’t have been cut off and that the serial numbers on the gas meter and the ones you have recorded don’t match. Unfortunately, THAT is not our fault and in turn is something else you need to look into. I have sat, wrapped in blankets, unable to go on doing day to day things such as using hot water because no one has arrived. When I’ve tried to contact you, I was told I’d have to wait 45minutes before my call was answered – although I can understand why you’d have a lot of people trying to contact you, I imagine with similar complaints – that is also not my fault. So this, this is my third complaint I have open with yourselves and for that I am not remotely apologetic for the tone of this email.


I have no idea whether anyone is coming or if you even tried asking someone to come and do it but if this problem is not resolved in the next 24 hours I can absolutely assure you my next phone call will be to remove the smart meters and we will take our business elsewhere. I cannot believe this is how your business is run or how it is still running. I am frustrated, I am furious and to take me back to initial point of this email I am absolutely freezing. 

5 replies

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Hey @Azlace2401, I’m really sorry to hear of the issues you’ve faced with us.


If the engineer didn’t arrive during the requested time, you can ask us to raise a GSOP (Guaranteed Standards Of Performance) payment, which is a £30 cheque given for failed engineering appointments.


If you’re off supply, I’d strongly recommend you call us on 0330 102 7517 to speak with a Customer Service Adviser, this isn’t the best place to raise complaints or discuss urgent matters. We can get this sorted for you immediately, and can escalate your complaint if required.




@Ed_Boost I am fully aware this isn’t an ideal place but we have had absolutely no help through email and considering my phone bill was £63 I am absolutely not phoning you. Feel free to email us directly or contact us directly but this is on here because I am absolutely desperate to fix the situation that in actual fact - is.not.my.fault.

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I can understand your hesitation to give us another call in that case, @Azlace2401.


You could always get in touch with us via our Facebook or Twitter pages if you’d prefer, we can’t guarantee immediate responses, but it’s an alternative to calling.


We’re unable to reach out to you without your initial contact first, so we wouldn’t be able to get an outbound call arranged.




@Ed_Boost Can’t I just send you our account details in a DM? I don’t understand why we have to chase you all so much? 

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I appreciate your frustration here, @Azlace2401


If you could send the Boost team a DM via Facebook or Twitter, then an agent can get on top of this issue for you asap!


Hope this helps,