I can't log in to My Boost and can't reset the password

  • 19 October 2019
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Don't forget guys they don't cut you off over the weekend you'll have until 11 am to top up Monday ifor you need too x

All well and good but for PAYG+ you can’t top up either online / app / or by shop or phone until 11pm tomorrow so those and us will get cut up till 11pm 

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Well let's hope they've made allowances for that then. Otherwise it's a bit stupid.

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I’m really angry about it. Can’t even ring the emergency 0800 number.  
I’ve topped up using 66121 TOPUP*(amount you want) seems to have worked I guess. Still, it’s not the point.  

How did you top up because im running low and i cant top up online did you go to shop or u send text ?

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My account now in the minus and still cant log in to top up  if its not back by 11am I'm I going to loose supply. 

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I've had the same issue. It's really shocking service with no customer service! Thought a company like this would have 24/7 help!. Think it's time to find a different supplier. Hate these so called smart metres! Angry 

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I rang customer services at 8am. They sent me a password reset link to my email. It all seems to be working for me now. 

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Updated 12/03/2020

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Hi all,


We’re glad to see you all getting involved here on the forum, it’s great that you’re all sharing info on your experiences and the fixed you’ve found!


The issue was sorted on 22nd, check out the latest topic on this issue here!


It wasn’t related to the maintenance work shown in the screenshot of Lucy’s message, this was from a post made a couple of years ago.


We’re really sorry for any inconvenience caused, I know it can cause panic when you’re unable to get into the app to top-up, but don’t forget you’ll never run out of power over the weekend, as this is a non-disconnect period.


Also, if you have any other issues with your app, check out our MyBoost FAQ topic here! It covers common issues you may have over time.