How does the Smart PAYG+ 'single wallet' work?

  • 20 December 2017
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Updated 23/04/2020 - For all things MyBoost - check out our handy FAQ topic here!

The 'single wallet' is for Smart PAYG+ customers who have both their gas and electricity with us.

Instead of topping up your gas and electricity separately, the 'single wallet' combines your top up. This means that when you top up, you automatically buy credit for both meters – you can’t just buy for one.

Instead of emergency credit, Smart PAYG+ also gives you an unlimited amount that lasts for 24 hours which covers both meters. So you’ve got plenty of time to top up before your gas and electricity runs out. 👍

What do you think are the perks (or disadvantages) of the 'single wallet'?



15 replies

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Does that mean you’re ihd is still in credit mod if you’re a PAYG + customer
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Hi @Ginger545 yes, if you have smart meters and are on the PAYG+ tariff the meter will Be in credit mode with a 24 hour non disconnect period as standard.

This topic may be useful:

also this topic has info on the non disconnects period and customer care team open in hours this holiday season

im on payg+ recently been transferred from economy energy however this is all new to me and I don’t understand so I set up my boost app shows my credit on there million dollar question is

does both gas and electric come out of this one balance?


do do I need to assign credit from my app to wash gas and electric ?

thank you
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Take a look at this topic, @Luke2020, it should answer all the questions you've got.

I have received only one card but I'm with boost for both my gas and electric how do I top up without pre payment cards
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Hey @Dai - I've moved your post over here. It sounds like you may have a PAYG+ account, in which case you top up with one card. More info above!
Hey @Nancy_Boost thanks but all sorted now
Hi boost
as a new customer can you explain to me how you work .... I used to top up gas and electric separately often more on one than the other now there’s only one total so how do I know which is getting low ?
If they are both low how does the credit get divided?
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Hi I’m not an employed by boost but a customer.

im on the payg+ which means I can top up at home by an app, text or shop.

if you topup £20 that simply goes into 1 wallet. When you use both gas and electricity they both come off the same balance of £20. It’s a hell of a lot easier than having 2 separate accounts and having to make 2 lots of topups.

I use
more gas than electricity at the moment due to the cold weather. I used to run out of gas credit before with another company and was always in emergency credit. But now with the 1 wallet I’m never running out. You can check your balance at anytime and see how much your spending individually on both gas and electric. The emergency credit runs from a fri to a mon where as other companies is nothing near to that. Plus last year they also started a winter wallet. So a certain time of the year when you topped up you could choose to put so much ££ into the winter wallet and save it for the cold weather where you would be using more. Hoping they will do it again this year 🙂
I have tried topping up my card does not give me the option for gas or electric only electric(I THINK)
topped up ten pounds this has not appeared on my meter i have entered the code numerous times and it keeps saying failed.
i am at the point where both my gas and electric will be cut off this is not ideal.
also tried registering on the app said it will send an email which has not been received this i have also repeated many times
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Hi @Shulton I've moved your post over here. It sounds like you have a PAYG+ account, in which case you top up with one card. More info above!

The email may have gone into your "Junk" or "Spam" folders, if not we may not hold the correct email for you, it might be worth giving our team a call on: 0330 102 7517 to ensure it is correct.

Hope this helps.
I've just activated my energy supply ready for the switch over in 4 days. After activating it with £10 it's showing only that amount for energy and there's no option for me to top up the gas. Is the electricity/gas a combined amount or once up and running will I be given the option to top both the electricity and gas up?
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Hey @Lisa81


I’ve moved your question here as this is where you can find the answer!


Hope this helps!

As I pay for Duel Fuel, what happens to all the money that I'm putting into the Gas when I am not using the Gas central heating now and throughout the summer months? Shall I just put less money in as I am using just a gas oven, or do you just put most of what I put in on the electricity for me? I don't know if I just have a Covid 19 dead brain at the minute from being in Lockdown for so long, but would really appreciate it if someone  could tell me, if I was to top up with the same amount of money that I always do, does it mean that the money will just last longer as the heating is now off for the summer months.  So sorry just have a dead brain today and am just about to top up but don't know what to top up, Thanks

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I think we’re all a little bit fuzzy and in a lockdown muddle, @debbyjo09, don’t worry, I’m with you! 

Take a look at the topic, it’s explain how the top ups work, but you’ve got the nail on the head, if you continue to top up as normal your credit will last longer.