How do I reconnect my smart meter after going off supply?

  • 23 January 2018
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Updated 23/09/2020

If you need to contact the team over the weekend, check out our weekend help guide here.​​​


The first thing you need to do if you’ve gone off supply is to make a top-up payment at your local PayPoint.

You’ll need to have a positive credit balance for your energy supplies to reconnect, so make sure you check the balance, to know how much you need to top up by. It's important to remember that your usage whilst you were using your emergency credit will need to be paid before going into a positive balance.

If you have a traditional meter, it will reconnect as soon as you make the top-up. If it doesn't, please call us on 0330 102 7517.

If you have a smart meter, you may need to manually reconnect your supply. To do this, please press A, A, B on the meter's keypad.

If your gas meter shows ‘VEND’ rather than ‘CONNECT’ then your top-up hasn’t worked. If this happens, you’ll have to enter your top-up receipt number by hand. Find your top-up receipt and type the number into your In-Home Display (IHD). If there’s no connection, you can use your meter keypad – just press A to start.

For your safety, make sure your boiler pilot light is relit and there’s no gas escaping from any fires, hobs or any other gas appliance that were being used when the gas went off.


28 replies

I have credit on my account and still I'm waiting for the electric to go on.
New customer went active this week. Hadn't realised I was active yet and was still attempting to top-up my old supplier. By Friday, the supply switched off and I discovered I was now active with Boost. I have only 1 card. I topped up £10 on Friday tea-time and my electricity supply was reconnected. At night, my heating wouldn't come on. My smart meter read £16 odd estimated bill for electricity. For gas it read £7 and supply off. I attempted to log in online to top-up with my card as the shops were now shut. It didn't email me a password. I requested one several times across Friday night and Saturday morning.

On Saturday afternoon, around 2:50pm, I topped up £20 cash at the shop. I came home and attempted to push A B on the meter, but the top-up hadn't been received. I attempted to enter the code, which was rejected. The receipt says payment successful. I repeated several times. I waited 30 minutes and attempted to enter the code again, several times. I then attempted to enter it several times on my IHD, which repeatedly failed. My IHD now reads that my estimated electricity bill is £17 odd, the gas £7 and supply off. I then attempted to phone Boost, and they are closed on Saturday from 2pm. I have to wait until Monday.

I re-requested a password, and this time I received one. Once logged in to the app I found the top-up has shown up on the Top-up History. My account balance is £23.45. I cannot see any further details regarding my electricity and gas balance, and why my gas supply will not switch on. I then decided to fill in an online contact form to seek help at around 3:45pm. It is currently 4:20pm, I have had no reply.

I am unable to heat my home, dry my washing, bath my young son etc. I am very unhappy with Boost I strongly regret switching from Utilita, I don't know why I did, but I will be switching back. They did not ever switch off my supply between 6pm and 10am, or from Friday evening until 10:30am Monday, or holidays. They gave credit, emergency credit, and then friendly credit, and I never ever went without gas the entire time I was with them. I recommended them to people all the time. After switching to Boost it's taken just 1 week to end up spending the entire weekend without gas. Not happy! Such a BIG mistake!

Is there any other way I can contact Boost over the weekend? My electricity is connected, does anyone know why my gas isn't? Has anyone has this issue, and what was the solution? How long should I expect to be without a supply of gas? How soon should I expect a reply from Boost's online contact form?

Thank You.
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Hi @melmyl18 sorry to learn of the problems outlined above.

If you have an online account, you're on PAYG+. This has one balance for both meters. It sounds like you need to press A, A, B on the gas meter to reconnect. It's a safety feature.

Usually you will have a non disconnect period over the weekend, but if the meter disconnected before, this will be why you were off supply.

If you check out the details and phone number for boost out of hours help- they should get you back on supply.

Hope this helps
My activation code does not work and I’m not getting the email for a new one?
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Hi @CarlaG2019,

I've moved your question over here as you can find out further information here.

If you're still having troubles though, please call us on 0330 102 7517 so that we can help you get back on.

Hi, not sure if anyone can help me. I've been disconnected (this is a new system for me, just moved home), have topped up this morning and noted that to activate the meter I need to type in AAB. It's not working though and I still have no power. I'm an older person with health issues, not looking forward to another night with no hear or light or hot water. If anyone out there knows what to do I'd be grateful for a heads up.
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Hi @stevemazillius - I've moved your post over here. The information above should help. If your issue still isn't resolved, please give us a ring (0330 102 7517), drop us an email ( or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter with your account number, full name and DoB.

Hello , I have taken over a gas and electric account this morning. Call centre gave me 2 long numbers to allow me to top up at pay point until my cards arrive, Topped up at local shop , credit is now showing on both smart meters but still no gas or electric flowing . Tried pressing AAB but just says REJECTED .
Call centre closed until Monday.
Can anyone help?
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Hey @marvoboy ,

I trust this has now been sorted, and your supply has been restored. I've moved your question here for future reference should you need support.
Hi Emily , thank you for replying .

Yes now on line with both Gas and electricity . Had to phone the call centre again on Monday they gave me a lengthy access code over the phone for both smart meters which kicked then in to life.

All good now.


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I'm glad this was sorted, @marvoboy!

Top up meter but no gas only electric need my gas on on smart meters only change over a week ago and been topping up every outher day 


Ran out of credit, topped up with app, gas allowed me to recconect and yet over a day later the electric is not on and when I try the aab thing meter it says rejected and in the box that supply is off rather than ready/on as it should

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Top up meter but no gas only electric need my gas on on smart meters only change over a week ago and been topping up every outher day 


If you’re PAYG+ and your meters go off supply, the gas meter will need to be reconnected manually: press A, A, B on the keypad once the balance is in the green. 


More info above @Johnhold @Boostseemsawful 

How do I reset my meter

How do I reset my meter because it's asking for a pin I don't know it

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Here’s the topic you want, @Paa Gentle (see the top)!

Iv topped up my account. Balance is saying £15 but my gas won’t come on. 

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Hey @Stokes99,


I’ve moved your question over to this existing topic to help you.


Check out @Tim_Boost’s full topic above to help you get back on supply if you haven't managed to do this already.




My electric and gas went off this morning, I topped up and reset the electric, but I cannot connect my gas. My husband deals with this but unfortunately he is in hospital with covid 19. I have tried entering the 20 digit code but still nothing....I have no hot water or heating, if anyone can help It would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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Hi @Calandwal - I wish you and your husband all the best at this difficult time. 


If you have a smart meter, press A, A, B on each meter to reconnect. Sometimes you don’t need to do this with the electricity meter, but you will always need to do it with the gas. It’s a safety feature. See the main topic (at the top) for more info. 


If this doesn’t work, call us ASAP: 0330 102 7517  

My gas supply has been cut off at the weekend when I got an email saying I’ll be off supply Monday 6th April if I don’t top up.I’ve topped up but not gone on to the meter I can’t go till Monday with no gas.

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Sorry to hear this, @Becky71 


It sounds like you just need to reconnect the gas meter. After the meter has disconnected, a safety feature is in place, meaning you need to press A, A, B on the meter to get it to reconnect, once the online balance is above £0. See the main topic (above) for more info. 


If this doesn’t work and you’re still off supply with an issue likely, please call us ASAP: 0330 102 7517 

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Hi I need help please. My account ran out of credit so electric and gas went off this morning. 

I topped it up and now over £20in credit

I was able to connect my electric within 5min but 11hours later I still can't get my gas on.

Meter is still saying off! Iv pressed the AAB THING and no email came tho to give a code for gas 

Please help as I got to keep home warm for my prem baby who is ill 

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I’ve moved your post here for future reference, @Vickisticki, check out the best answer. If you’re still off supply please call the team as soon as possible. 

Our Customer Care number is: 0330 102 7517 - they're available Monday-Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am-1pm. The team take emergency off supply calls between 6pm-8pm in the week.