Help when you’re low on cash

  • 18 April 2018
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Update 18/09/2020

You can now add the £30 credit on with your app! Here's a link with further info.

We want to be able to support our customers as much as possible if you’re running low on funds. Here’s what we can offer if you’re not able to make a top up, but you need to keep your meters on:

📱If you have smart meters and top up on the app:

  • Loan up to a maximum of £30 onto main balance
  • Add this as a debt balance to be repaid
  • Repayment rate is £0.75p per day


💳If you have smart meters and top up at a PayPoint with cards:

  • Loan up to £30 split between both meters
  • Added as debt on each meter as applicable
  • Repayment rate is also £0.75p per day


🔑If you have traditional meters:

  • Loan a maximum of £10 split between both meters
  • We issue this as a message to a PayPoint
  • You will need to take the key/card to shop to pick up
  • This message will also add the debt balance and a repayment rate of £0.75p per day


Once the debt has been repaid, we can offer help again. The amount we’re able to lend each time will depend on circumstances, such as how much you use on a daily basis, and how long it is until you’re able to top up again.

You can speak with the team more about this on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 



7 replies

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WEll done to all at Boost for developing this support,
My services where meant to go live on Friday I rang and spoke to customer service late ish saturdat and was told the meter would be in credit mode for a few days .I got a text Saturday saying please top up so I put £7 On then got a text straight after saying your credit is running low I now have £3.90 and cant top up till Tuesday please help
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Hi @Fanfan82 once your balance drops below zero in its daily update you will automatically enter a 24 hour non disconnect period, calculating the timings from your post you should be ok until Tuesday when you can top up.

This post may also be helpful to you

Hope this helps
I am waiting for my esa have nearly run out of electricity and no monies at all till it comes through can you help me please
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Hi @Susan b moore you'l be best either phoning boost or dropping them a message over facebook/Twitter to get this set up for you

I don’t get paid till Wednesday and have no way of topping up my gas

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Hey @Carolmooney 

I’ve moved your post over here. You can find more info on how to get help when you’re love on cash above.