Happy Birthday to the Boost forum!

  • 7 December 2018
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After the success of our OVO Forum, we decided to launch the Boost forum to help build and grow a loyal Pay as you go community. Today, we’re super excited to be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the Boost Forum!

4,500 topic views, it’s been busy!

It’s great to see you engage with the topics posted by other users and our Mods, and the views speak for themselves: over 4,500 on one topic alone has been a great result!

Shout outs to...

Everyone that’s got involved have been really important in helping the community grow, but we’d like to call out a few of our top contributors. Step forward…..







Sophie1983 and Mattj3135 are our Boost Forum ninjas and have provided an incredible amount of support and been absolutely integral in helping customers in need, offering up advice and just keeping the forum activity buzzing - thank you (...look out for something in the post too)!

We also need to thank….









These guys have been super helpful - @smiter always keeps a smile on our faces with her occasional ferret topic updates - we love it! @B4xsy has taken part in the PAYG+ trial and providing valuable feedback, so thanks to you both!

371 topics, say whaaaat

So many of you have raised great questions and started really helpful conversations - 371 topics in fact.

Out of the 371 topics that we have, 133 of these have a best answer by one of you! That’s 35% of topics that have been answered by other users on the forum.

Customers helping each other is key and this is something we really want to encourage. It’s really rewarding seeing that you guys are there for each other!

It’s competition time

Now it’s your turn to get involved!

Make sure to check out the 'Festive Friday - Christmas competition time!' topic for your opportunity to win a Christmas gift, all you need to do is leave 3 helpful and informative comments or topics, and we’ll choose the top 4!

The year ahead….

We’ll continue to work closely with all of you to offer support and get you guys even more involved in helping us build and shape our growing community. In addition to this, we’re planning to link the forum more closely to our website which should help drive more awareness of the forum.

We have a feeling next year will be a busy one….


3 replies

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I would like to say a big thank you to @Darran_Boost @Emily_Boost @Ashlee_Boost @Eva_Boost @Beth_Boost @Tim_Boost @Lucy_Boost @Nancy_Boost just had a knock on door was postman and just discovered the power bank I've been sent many thanks hope you all have a lovely Xmas and happy new year xx
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Hey @Sophie1983

It arrived!! Yay!! You are very welcome by the way. Massive thank you for being so amazing on the forum and being a really support to other users. 😁

We've loved watching you get involved and you've offered loads of great help and advice so far, so please keep up the great work!! 👍

It felt right to celebrate our first year so we really hope you enjoy the gift!! 🎁

Darran (and the rest of the team of course!!!!!)
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Thanks and happy Xmas to all at boost HQ xx