Everything you need to know about your new smart meters

  • 18 September 2017
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**UPDATED on 25/07/2019**

So you’ve got the smart meters in place, nice work. But what happens now? This depends on which option you’ve gone for.

If it’s PAYG+ we’ll need a few days to set up your online account (don’t worry, whilst you wait those meters won't disconnect and you won't need to top up!).

We’ll send you an all in one top up card in the post and we’ll email you with your online log in details once everything's up and running. You’ll then need to log in and register your bank details to top up online or via our app!

If you’ve gone with the smart PAYG standard option, we’ll be sending you out a top up card for each meter before the installation date. You’ll get an In Home Display (IHD) from the engineer, and you’ll be ready to use this to top up within an hour of the meter's fitting.

If any of our other users have experience of smart meters, whether that be installation, topping up or simply managing your usage, then share your thoughts and experiences below! You never know it might just help someone else.

5 replies

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Had my meter put in on Monday. When will it show on app and meter. Also will my gas and electric run out. Obviously I can't see how much I have and if I need to top up
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Hi @Sheridan from what's been posted previously, whilst you're in the onboarding process your meters go into credit mode -to ensure you don't loose supply whilst Boost get things set up for you. It can take around a week to be fully functional.

If youre keen to keep in credit during this time and don't have a top up card - please check this out https://forum.boostpower.co.uk/traditional-payg-4/lost-your-top-up-key-here-s-how-to-get-a-new-one-93

you can reach the Boost customer care team for your balance whilst the technology gets into place
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@Sheridan I've moved your topic over here as I think both @mattj3135 reply and @Tim_Boost original topic will hepl answer your query. :)


I had my smart meters fitted on the 5th of november .i had £7.16 credit on my gas and £2.17 on my electric.then i put £30.00 extra on i phoned up today for you to say i only have £1.25 on my gas .and £1.25 left on my electric .what a rip of how do you work that out .needless to say i phoned my old suplier up and moving back to them ASAP do not move to boost shockin and full of lies am fuming awfull .

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Hi @Happydays21 


I’ve moved your topic here as this gives a great idea of the process of a smart meter upgrade on Pay as You Go.


Something doesn't seem right here, and it may indicate all of your credit didn't either go on the meter or get switched across to the new meters.I’d recommend reaching out to the Boost team about this on 0330 1027517, between 8am - 8pm, Monday to Friday.