Do I need to call to tell Boost I've moved in?

  • 30 September 2019
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I have just moved in to a house where Boost is the supplier and I've spent all day trying to get through so I can sign up.

I called the Boost number and hit 1 so they called me back, the first time they never called back, so I tried again. This time they did call back, they said I needed to be put through as they were the DD team and not trained on PAYG, quoting me the original number I had phoned just in case it cut off.

15 Minutes on hold and I had to hand up as I'm at work.

I try again later, again to be told that even though I phoned the right number they will have to put me through to the PAYG team to sign me up. 20 Minutes on hold again and still no answer. Is anyone actually there?

Is there another way I can actually sign up without having to phone and go round in circles?
I'm currently in the position of having used the emergency credit over the weekend because the phone lines are closed to have to buy credit on the previous persons account just to keep using the gas and electricity.

1 reply

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That's frustrating @Strett, I'm sorry you had to be transferred despite calling the right team.

Unfortunately, calling is the only way to get registered into your new home, so you'll need to try again. It's typically quieter towards the end of the week, so if you can wait, it's always best.

The number for the Customer Care team is 0330 102 7517.