Disconnected on the weekend - What can I do?

  • 19 June 2019
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Updated 27/05/2020 - We made a Weekend Emergency contact FAQ here!

Being disconnected from your gas and electricity is never a great experience, especially over the weekend!

Luckily, there are a few things in place to make sure that most traditional and smart meters do not get disconnected over the weekend, regardless of your balance!

For more information on this, check out this link.

Unfortunately, there are other things that can go wrong, which can cause your supply to be disconnected. You may find that a meter becomes faulty, but we have lots of info on what to do in these scenarios as well!

  • Follow this link if you've got smart meters and you have a fault and see what you can do to get these fixed!
  • And check this link if you've got traditional meters for similar help.

During the weekend, our Boost Customer Care line is open between 9am - 1pm on 0330 1027517, so if you have a problem that needs fixing, pop our team a call. For the rest of the weekend our Social team is contactable between 9am - 5pm, Saturday and Sunday, via Facebook and Twitter if you need help.



9 replies

Hi there,it should never cut out or off over the weekend but it will switch of on the Monday about 9/10am tho..all power company do the same ,, the other options is top up the amount needed and it should switch on within half hour or go online and login to boost and there you can borrow from £5 to £30 and pay it back at 75p a day..again after give it half-hour and power should return...
For me am finding boost to be very expensive has they charge everyone a minimum spend of £23 aweek ,,this came as a shock as I've never gone through so much money since economy energy stopped trading an I was moved here,
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Hey @Jason45 ,

Thanks for adding to the conversation! Some great little nuggets of info to add to my topic.

I'm sorry to hear you're finding us very expensive, our rates are higher than what Economy Energy were offering, however we aim to offer as competitive as possible rates to our customers as well as making sure we're able to maintain a sustainable business. Our prices are also kept within the government price caps.

I am currently using a traditional account for my gas and electric. My electric is on emergency at £1.85. Will that last tomorrow or will i be cut of because it's a weekend
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Hi @Laurag94,

I've moved your question to this existing topic as I believe it will help you understand what happens with disconnection over the weekend.

Hope that helps,

We have recently moved into a property with the gas supplier being boost. We have no top up card and the gas including emergency credit has been used. We asked for a card which they allegedly sent out 10 days ago and haven't received it. We cant get one from any local shops as they have ran out of the cards and wont get any delivered due to the corona virus. We have tried ringing and omits saying they are closed. They have been sending engineers out to top it up for us however today it's gone and we need it for the kids. Anyone any ideas how to contact them 

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Hey @Ryanbeckett, I moved your question here so you can check out the useful info Bradley’s put in the article.


The team are available to call now on 0330 102 7517. They’re open until 8pm today for emergencies.




Good afternoon


I have been send a zero vend email but got no code?


went to the shop as instructed but still £0 on my gas metre 


can someone urgently help I’m nearly out of gas and pregnant and need warmth!


thank you 

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Hey @Georgiak 


I’ve moved your query here to best get you the help you may still need.


If you’ve not already managed to get in touch with us and resolve this, you’ll need to reach out to the Boost team via the contact methods shown above.


Let us know how you got on,

All sorted emergency engineer had to attend thanks 😀