Check this out - EMERGENCY BOOST!

Check this out - EMERGENCY BOOST!
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What is Emergency Boost?

Instead of calling us when you’ve run out of credit, you can take control of your energy and borrow up to £30 credit straight from your app.

If your balance drops below £0 and you’re unable to top up, you can borrow up to £30 of extra credit to keep you on supply. The amount you borrowed will, of course, need to be paid back, and be added as debt to the meter with a 75p daily repayment rate.

How do I activate Emergency Boost?

🆘 Click the “Emergency Boost” button at the bottom of your home screen when your balance is below £0.
📅 Select the date you can next top up.
💰We’ll suggest an amount of credit to tide you over. Feel free to choose any of the amounts shown on the screen, or the suggested amount.
📲 Once you’ve selected an amount, your balance will be updated

Things to Remember:
0⃣ You can only activate Emergency Boost when your balance drops below £0
⬇ Your debt balance needs to be below £30 to activate Emergency Boost
💷 The maximum you can lend is £30

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My meter runs out in 16 days but I don't get paid until either 31st March or 1st April can you help please thanks
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Take a look at this topic, @Manchester63! Let us know how you get on with our amazing new feature! 🙂
Lets hope this works when and of i run out, as was thinking about switching, will give boost a chance,
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Thanks for sticking with us, @Heavenly1872, the Emergency Boost feature is something our customers are finding very helpful, I hope you do too! ☺



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